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She took her hand off of my chest and put three fingers in my mouth.

I sucked on them as she pushed them farther back.

Slowly, she dragged her fingers out of my mouth.

I bit my lip.

"See you later.

" Georgia beamed as she cut the camera.

"That was perfect! You were absolutely mesmerizing!" I laughed.

"Only with the help of you!" She laughed along with me.

"Well, get a good night of sleep. Webcam phone calls porn.

You're gonna need it for tomorrow morning.

" And as she walked away, I realized two things: One: I wanted Georgia.

Two: I think she wanted me back.

Slightly chilled now, we felt the welcome heat of the house envelop our naked and still-damp bodies as we crossed the kitchen and great room and headed down the hall, en route to the bedroom where our clothes were.

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Our first inkling that we had a problem on our hands was the unmistakable sound of some very vigorous lovemaking emanating from that very room, through the partially-open door, those timeless, unique little noises – moans and gasps, a few soft cries and uttered words, the squeak of the mattress and the rustle of the bedding, a few moist little body sounds – which combine to tell a story we all know and recognize. Wetcespussy hot male webcam.

Allison turned and looked at me as we approached the door, her eyes wide, her pupils dilated with arousal as the sounds of sex stoked the already smoldering fire in her body.

I tell myself that if the door had been closed we would have respected their privacy, and that’s probably true, as both Alli and I tend to have pretty good manners and respect for others – boundaries, don’cha know - but the door wasn’t closed.

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Instead, it stood open about halfway, a good eighteen inches between the edge of the door and the frame, and through that eighteen inches we could see Michael and Marci making love on the bed.

They were in the classic missionary position, but it would be very difficult to reconcile the passion and ardor of their coupling with any possible image that the word missionary might bring to mind! Xxx sex lovers. She was on her back, yes, and he was on top of her and between her legs, but that’s about where the missionaries left off and two strong, healthy, sexy, beautiful people having passionate, raw, animalistic sex took over; in as few words as possible, they were fucking the daylights out of each other!

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Web cam sex chatting japan. Her arms were around his neck and her legs were wrapped tightly around his waist, crossed at the ankles, heels dug into the top of his ass crack and helping to drive him into her with each forward thrust, her pale skin like cream against his dark chocolate brown. Casual sex chat bowling green kentucky.

In all honesty, with the way the powerful, well-defined muscles in his ass, thighs, and back were bunching and flexing with each thrust, I don’t think that the extra impetus provided by her heels was really necessary; it was probably more of a signal to him of her need, arousal, and eagerness than anything. Free exabitionist webcam.

The foot of the bed was toward the door, and they had – to our good fortune and viewing pleasure – thrown themselves onto it in the proper orientation; accordingly, we had a front row seat, from about ten or twelve feet away, for the incredibly graphic and arousing view of his thick, dark cock plunging into her in improbably long, deep strokes, and his huge balls flopping back and forth, dragging across the bedspread and slapping wetly against her bottom each time he drove deep.

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It was amazingly arousing, so much more so than I would have thought that it could possibly be, the fact that it was our friends and real, and raw, and live, not some cheesy video, creating an erotic power that hit the two of us like a sensual sledge hammer. Dark_flora no charge sex webcams.

I was shivering, not with cold, but with the impact of this sight and the depth of my arousal at watching them, and when I felt Allison shudder under my hands, which were on her shoulders, I knew it was having a powerful effect on her as well.

My cock ached with arousal, and the knowledge that her sweet sex was very likely dripping as well just added to the pounding of my heart and aching in my groin.

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As we watched him drive his enormous, rigid sex into her swollen and slippery pussy, I heard Alli moan softly, overcome.

I clapped my hand over her mouth and pulled her away from the door, the strain of taking my eyes off of them almost more than I could manage. Tattoo feet fuck.

Ssshhh! You don’t want them to catch us watching, do you? My mouth was right at her ear, enabling me to whisper softly.

Her ass was against my hardness, and I felt her go on autopilot, rubbing that delightful derriere against my cock with smooth, long, thrusts of her hips. Primo webcam trust.

As she continued to grind against me, getting snail tracks of my copiously-flowing pre-cum all over her lower back and the upper curve of her luscious buttocks, I pulled her away, a few feet further down the hall, where we could very quietly talk.

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What are we gonna do now? Cam sex gratuits. We can’t very well just walk in and get our clothes with them in there like that! She turned and looked at me, which had the unfortunate side-effect of removing her ass from my groin.

It’s worse than that; didn’t you notice? Our clothes – our costumes - are still on the bed! French live sex video chat room. They’re laying right on top of our stuff! Really? No, I didn’t see that – but then again, I might not have noticed if the bed was on fire! How long do you suppose they can possibly go at it? Alli laughed softly.

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