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When they were particularly busy, Loretta would happily help Ursula out and fuck a few young men for her, to get them ready for the rich women who seemed to love this resort.

How exactly Ursula selected her female pleasure slaves I wasn’t sure.

And we met Rosie and Marie here, didn’t we girls? Big natural tits porno online. Ursula continued, They’re best friends from a small village that I won’t even attempt to pronounce, a few hundred kilometres south of here.

They’ve travelled here together to make a new life for themselves.

Ursula continued to explain she had seen these two young girls across the submissions hall yesterday, in between lots of young men, and immediately thought of me. Dollynellie www canada sex live com.

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She told us she only knew how to test young men to see if they were up to the job, but not young women.

So I thought I’d bring them here, let you give them a test drive for me, Ursula explained with a grin, Let me know if they’re up to the task.

The two girls giggled, wriggling their young asses on my hands. Slut_and_koba young gay boys on webcam.

And how old are you two girls? I asked.

Nineteen sir, they giggled in unison.

Rosie and Marie both kissed me on each cheek.

We all sat chatting for an hour or so, while the two studs served us food and drinks.

Loretta and Ursula often groped and fondled the young men’s bodies. Amy cory fuck vid.

Ursula then suggested we all get in the hot tub to continue the party, which I agreed was a splendid idea.

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The hot tub was a large heart shaped one on the other side of the villa, next to the pool.

The hot tub was sunk into the ground.

We stepped down into the warm bubbling water. Tonight sex in millsboro.

I sat on one side of the’ heart’ with Rosie and Marie.

Loretta and Ursula sat on the other side with their two studs.

Come on girls, show us what you got, Ursula said, grinning to me.

Rosie and Marie stood in front of me and slowly removed their bikini tops. Mila kunis sex porn.

They giggled as they held their lovely big firm young tits, jiggling them for me.

I figured Rosie was about 36FF and Marie 34EE.

They moved in close, pressing my face into their boobs.

I spent the next ten minutes sucking, kissing and groping their gorgeous firm tits.

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I could hear some activity from across the hot tub from Loretta and Ursula, but was far too busy at present to look and see.

I loved sucking on my girls nipples, pushing both girls’ boobs together and burying my face in them.

Rosie and Marie seemed quite comfortable being topless with each other. Webcam dildo masturbation.

They would often kiss each other, it looked so sexy, I couldn’t wait to fuck them both together.

I pulled down their bikini bottoms one at a time; they had lovely young firm asses too.

They stood back to back, as I buried my face in between their butt cheeks. Hot webcam couple.

I then got them to sit either side of me, and they kissed me and each other over and over, their hands wandering under the water to start tugging on my shorts.

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I could now see what was occurring on the other side of the hot tub.

The black stud was sat with Ursula already straddling him, naked, with her back to me. Obedient gf thought webcam sex stories.

She was bouncing up and down, his huge cock pumping in and out of her.

This hot tub had seats that could be raised at the touch of a button, so that the top of the water lapped at your balls, leaving your cock above it ready to be sucked and fucked.

Clearly that is what Ursula’s stud had done. Luxury sex furniture.

Oh, you lovely big boy, Ursula panted, Suck on Auntie Ursula’s tits, darling.

Next to Ursula sat Loretta, now topless.

In front of her stood the tanned white stud.

Loretta was clearly enjoying sucking his big thick cock.

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Saliva ran down from her mouth and dripped onto her boobs. Bianca kmiec porno.

My two girls had finally removed my shorts, and pressed the button to raise the seat.

My hard cock slowly rose through the bubbling water.

Rosie and Marie giggled as I pushed their heads down into my lap.

They both began kissing my cock, one on each side of my shaft. Mishell goldy porno.

My hands groped their young asses as Rosie took me in her mouth and began to slowly suck me, whilst her friend Marie lovingly licked and sucked my balls.

Loretta then stood up from sucking her young stud and bent over, resting her hands on the middle of the heart, facing me, her back to Ursula. Devi10033 sex videos chat online.

She grinned at me as the stud pulled off her black bikini bottoms behind her.

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Her stud then stood behind Loretta and pushed his big hard dick inside her.

Loretta’s eyes closed, a big smile spreading slowly across her face.

Oh yeah, fuck your Auntie Loretta, she whispered, opening her eyes and looking directly at me, God, I love a big thick young hard cock. Sweetlady4you sexy girls sexy club online sexy skype video call live xxx video now.

Just like I love busty tight young pussy, I told her, as Rosie and Marie continued to suck my cock and balls.

Loretta tits swayed back and forth as her stud pounded her pussy from behind, a huge grin on her face, staring at my two new friends giving me a double blow job.

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