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She grabbed a ponytail holder and quickly pulled her hair back, then walked out of the bathroom, unaware of what waited for her.

Alex’s heart raced and he took quick swallow breaths.

He held his breath as he saw the doorknob to the bathroom start to turn and slowly open. Free skype chat with sex girls.

His animal instinct had taken over completely and he could not leave without having her.

As she crossed the threshold of the bathroom door, all he could smell was her scent.

He lunged forward and grabbed her from behind, placing a hand over her mouth.

He pulled her body against his and growled in her ear, Were you waiting for me? Harassment policy sample sexual. Tori gasped into his hand that covered her mouth.

Her body came alive as she felt the tight grip around her waist.

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She felt his hard cock press against her ass and couldn’t help but slightly push her ass back against it.

Her body quivered and she whimpered softly into his hand as she heard his words echo through her head. Being riley porno.

Alex removed his hand from over her mouth; when she didn’t scream, it sent his alpha male instinct into full force.

He pushed Tori over to her dresser and opened the top drawer, he pulled out the red silk scarf she had displayed for him and bound her wrists with it. Collegetitts video sex talk.

He looked up at her through the small circles in his mask and saw both confusion and excitement in her eyes.

He quickly drove her down to her knees in front of him.

Is this what you want? he asked, as he started to undo his pants.

She whimpered and bit her bottom lip as he held her chin, making her look him in the eyes.

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Her head slowly lowered as he released her chin, and she watched him undo his jeans.

She inhaled sharply as he pulled his hard cock out and he knew she desperately wanted it.

Alex gripped the back of her head with one hand and his cock in the other.

He rubbed the head along her lips like he was applying lipstick to them and letting his precum coat her full, luscious lips, which made them glisten in the soft light. Mobile free sex webcam.

You want to taste what you have done to me this last week? he asked her.

Yes, I do, she responded, carefully moving her lips.

Lick your lips, he ordered in a deep growl.

Tori slowly slid her tongue out between her lips and ever so slowly licked them from top to bottom. Sweetannet live chat with sex.

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She sighed deeply as she tasted his sweet, sticky precum.

Oh, you are a dirty whore, aren’t you, he growled watching her.

Tori looked up and a wicked smile curled her moist lips.

Watching her wicked grin, Alex took his cock and pushed it against her lips. Alexis amore outdoor fuck.

She opened her mouth eagerly as he shoved his cock down her throat hard, making her gag at first.

She quickly adjusted as he began fucking her mouth hard, holding the back of her head.

Oh fuck, Alex groaned, feeling her take his cock.

Her warm, wet mouth felt good around his aching cock. Amazing hd sex videos.

He couldn’t help but fuck her pretty little mouth harder.

He gripped her hair tighter and rammed his cock down her throat over and over.

The slurping sounds echoed around the room as she tried to keep up and the drool slowly dripping from her mouth made him want more, but he didn’t want to cum yet.

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He pulled his hard cock from her mouth, which left her gasping for air.

He tilted her head up by her hair and looked down on her.

Did you enjoy that, you dirty whore? he asked her.

Mmm… Yes, she purred.

He yanked her up from her knees, spun her around and bent her over the lounge chair in her room. Perlasexx free x animal porn.

His hands went quickly to her glistening pussy lips and he slowly rubbed her smooth lips up and down.

You know what happens to dirty whores who tease, Alex asked her.

Tori whimpered softly and arched her back, presenting herself.

Mmm… You like being treated like a dirty whore, don’t you? Dorothy black porno hd. Alex questioned her.

Yes, I do, she whimpered loudly.

You need fucked and I’m just the guy to give it to you, Alex growled.

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Ohhh yesss, please, Tori purred as she arched her back more.

Alex raised his hand and brought it down swiftly on her perfect ass cheek, which brought a loud gasp from Tori’s lips. Xxx best threesome fucking.

He quickly slapped the other, making them a matching pink.

Her body quivered and her pussy was aching to be taken.

Without even thinking she arched her back more pushing her ass up, offering herself as the dirty whore she was.

Alex growled watching her reflexes and he slid his fingers inside of her wet cunt. Sweetgi1rl real sex video in usa.

He slid them in and out slowly as first, teasing her and making her breaths become pleading moans.

Tori greedily ground her pussy against his fingers, making him finger fuck her harder.

Alex groaned, watching her hips beg for more of him.

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He watched her puckered little asshole flex as she moved her hips back and forth. Toilet spy cam sex.

The alpha in him couldn’t stop himself and he slowly pulled his fingers from her dripping cunt and slid them up, lubing her ass.

Tori’s breath caught in her throat and she stilled as she felt his fingers rimming her ass.

The feeling aroused her more and she whimpered. Mila evans porno.

His need to have all of her ran rampant through his veins.

He grabbed his swollen cock and slid the head up and down her dripping cunt.

Her body quivered and her hips pushed back hard against him, wanting him inside of her.

He reached up and grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back, making her back arch fully. Live sex movie download.

He placed his lips next to her ear and growled, I’m going to own you, whore!

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As soon as the words left his lips, he released her hair and rammed his hard cock deep into her waiting cunt.

She cried out as he penetrated her deeply and fucked her with a lust that was uncontrollable. Civitella paganico va girls looking for sex.

He gripped her ass cheeks hard as he fucked her and took what she offered.

He let his hand move up her ass and placed his thumb on her asshole.

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