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Leaning over you I kiss your parted lips softly my lips sticking slightly as I touch my honey coated tongue to yours.

The muscles of your arms bunching as you pull against the cuffs in frustration wanting to pull me closer into a deep kiss the scent and the taste of the honey fueling your arousal. Hot ava courcelles and julie share sex toys in public until they orgasm.

My free hand slips under your neck lifting you into a hungry kiss as our tongues twine slick with honey.

My contented purr humming against your lips as I lower you back to the pillows and sit back eyes traveling down over your body to your cock standing rigid.

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Candle light reflecting off the honey glistening on the raised veins and darkened head throbbing slightly with each rapid pound of your heart.

My eyes alight on the feather laying next to you on the bed, switching the bottle from my left to my right I lift the feather slowly trailing it over your hip then raise it from your skin lifting it to the shoulder opposite I lightly run it up the inside of your arm. Thai teen webcam solo free porn videos.

Your body shifting first away from me then towards me as the feather sends ripples of sensation through your skin yet unprepared as I brush the feather slowly down the inside of one thigh and back up the other.

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My soft smile growing as your hips buck upwards the feather brushing slowly over your cock sticking slightly to the small amount of honey remaining there. Tarzan sexy jane.

Setting the feather aside on the table I lean back over you a single fingernail tracing a slow sinuous path downwards from the center of your chest.

Circling it slowly around your navel it travels downwards til it bumps against the base of your cock.

Your body undulates slowly every nerve on fire as you suck air raggedly through your clenched teeth. Mnogoporno online.

Your head arches back eyes rolling upwards as you strain against the cuffs your body freezing and your breath catching in your throat as you hear the pop of the bottle opening once more.

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Without a moments respite you feel the sudden shock of the cold honey beginning to pour over your cock once more. Video sexchat for exibitionists.

Pouring more then the first time I quickly cap the bottle and set it aside, wiggling around I slide one elbow between your thighs propping myself on it as I lean over you my left breast rubbing against your thigh as I lean close my heated breath a constant contrast from the chill of the honey as I lightly and very slowly begin licking up small amounts of the honey as it drips downwards. Most perverted family in the world porno.

The only sound is a long drawn out oh god that fades into moans of pleasure as you strain futilely against the cuffs.

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Slows each lick drawing out every moment reveling the sounds of your enjoyment, as my tongue reaches the under side of your head I lick slowly around it my lips parting around it as I draw it into my mouth. Authintic glory hole sex hidden cam.

I can hear you whimper softly, "O god babe I want to eat you!" I sit back slowly with a grin, "Oh no not tonight you won't be.

" I whisper as I lean forward curling my tongue around you drawing you back into my mouth sucking harder as you slide deeper into my mouth. Free online sunny leone sex.

Your cock quivers inside of my mouth as your back arches lifting your hips towards me I begin to purr hearing your ragged exclamation.

"Oh my god I want you.

" I suck your throbbing cock into my mouth as deeply as I can letting it slide out of my mouth again.

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As I draw you back into my mouth again my fingernails brush slowly over your balls the skin contracting rapidly.

The wet moist heat of my mouth and the contracting throb of your balls cause pre-cum to leak slowly from you.

The slow stroke of my tongue over your head tasting of the pre-cum sends a shiver up through you as you gasp, "Oh god your going to make me cum in your mouth.

" I sit back rather abruptly and twist around laying pressed against you my lips almost touching your ear purring heatedly I whisper.

"Now my love I'm going to climb on top of you and guide you into me and then I'm going to make love to you so slowly you're going to start begging for me to just take you.

" My purr deepens to a hungry growl as I sit up and slide my leg over yours until I'm settled over your hips my damp shaved lips rubbing slightly against the base of your cock I can feel you rock grinding against my pelvis.

"You ready love?" I purr sweetly as my fingers curl around the base of your cock feeling it throb in my grasp, I lift my hips letting you slide between my lips as more pre-cum beads from the head slicking my lips.

"Oh god yes.

" you groan softly.

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