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Please, go slow.

I, of course, did not want to hurt my Little Mel.

So, I retrieved a tube of numbing sunburn cream from my nightstand.

I had kept it there waiting for just this moment with Mel.

The cream not only provided something of a numbing affect, but also gave the extra lubricant Mel’s ass needed. Free mobile sex chat online without registration.

I applied a coating of the cream to my cock.

Then, I applied a generous gob of the cream to Mel’s virgin asshole.

Using my finger, I worked the cream well into her tight hole.

As I stroked my finger in and out of her ass, Mel again began rocking her hips in time with my finger. Solo latina webcam.

Her eyes were closed and her head, hanging down, was swaying from side to side.

When Mel seemed to be ready, I place the head of my cock against the crinkled brown entrance to her ass.

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With a quick, short, push, the head of my cock popped past Mel’s sphincter and into her virgin hole. Indian wife sex hidden cam.

Oh! With my entry into her ass, Mel head jerked up and her beautiful green eyes snapped open.

I asked, Are you Okay, Baby? She looked over her shoulder toward me, smiled, and said, Yes, go ahead.

She then closed her eyes again.

Slowly, inch-by-inch, I pushed my cock into Mel’s tight asshole. Love and sexual attraction.

Ummph, ummph, ummph.

Mel gave a little grunt each time I shoved a little more cock into her ass.

She soon had all I had to give her.

My balls were resting on her pussy and my hips were pressed tightly to her butt.

I was fully buried in Mel’s devirginated asshole. 2 teen girls on webcam.

After briefly waiting for her to get somewhat accustomed to a cock filling her ass, I very slowly pulled back.

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I stopped pulling back when only my cock’s head remained in her ass.

Just as slowly, I pushed all the way back in with one smooth stroke.

I very slowly, but steadily, stroked in and out of her newly stretched asshole. Sex zo cam.

Gradually, I increased the speed and force of my thrusts.

Mel’s grunts turned to groans and then moans.

Oh Honey, that feels weird, but kind of good too.

She began tentatively pushing back against my cock as I pushed it into her ass.

After a few minutes of slow thrusting into Mel’s ass, she softly said, Oh yes! Sex webcam girls skype. That feels good.

Fuck my ass, Honey.

Taking a hold of her hips, I began thrusting into Mel’s ass a little faster until I had a firm and steady pace going.

Mel was getting into being fucked in the ass.

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As I thrust into her faster and faster, she kept pace. Wap germany sex.

She pushed her ass back just as hard and fast as I thrust my cock in.

I was soon pounding into Mel’s ass as hard as I would have if I had been in her pussy.

Mel was screaming by then.

Breathlessly she yelled, Oh shit! Fuck my ass, John! Fuck it hard! Harder! Pamelaniels my free adult webcam. Fill my ass with that cock, John! Tightening my grip on her hips, I slammed hard and deep into Mel’s depths.

Oh! Fuck yes! That’s it! She commanded, Now, fuck my ass hard.

I did.

Using her hips for leverage, I slammed repeatedly into Mel’s tight asshole. Hindi sex chat sansation.

She dropped her shoulders to the bed, leaving her ass in the air and impaled on my cock.

After just a few more minutes of ramming that tight, hot, ass, my eruption was rapidly approaching.

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I breathlessly told her, Here it comes, Baby.

Mel reached under her belly and began frantically working her pussy and clit with her fingers. Gandksex www prno.

She was still firmly returning every stroke I gave her.

Give it to me.

Cum in my ass.

With one final, hard, plunge into Little Mel, I held my cock buried in her ass and pumped a load of cum deep into her bowels.

Mel’s body seemed to have gone on autopilot. Fuck mature women married.

She continued slowly thrusting back at me.

Her entire body was quivering.

Her head was rolling side to side on the bed, while she constantly moaned.

I held my cock in Mel’s ass until I started to soften.

When I slowly pulled out, a trickle of cum dribbled out of her ass and ran down to her pussy. Seks with fucki iranian womens.

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Mel continued to slowly rock her raised ass back and forth as if fucking some invisible cock.

For a few minutes, she continued to gently finger her pussy.

As she calmed down, she let her knees slide out from under her until she lay flat on her belly.

She exhaled heavily with a long, soft moan. Blonde anal webcam.

I gave Mel’s butt a gentle pat and asked her, Are you alright, Baby? She rolled over, smiled, put her arms around my neck, and hugged me tightly.

Quietly she said, That was the most fantastic thing I've ever done.

Can we do it again, soon? I eagerly agreed, When ever you want to, Baby. Watch live sex shows.

We then held each other tightly as we drifted off to sleep.

Just before we dozed off, I caressed Mel’s butt, and told her, Happy Birthday, Little Mel.

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I love you.

I love you too, John.

Unseasonably warm afternoon weather had brought the London crowds out in droves as I squeezed myself uncomfortably onto the Piccadilly line underground train and stood awkwardly, my overnight bag at my feet, my face pressed into the armpit of a tall blonde Scandinavian tourist. Sex cams no signup no reg just free.

He gave me a look of pity no Londoner would have bothered with, and I felt pleased that his personal hygiene was up to scratch; at least for the next few stops.

It was Friday afternoon and I was on my way home after yet another conference.

The formal dinner and most of the presentations, including my own, had been the previous evening so an overnight stay had been essential. Porn star bikini fuck anal sex.

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The morning’s work groups had been optional for me but as I was in town anyway, I had decided to take part and had in fact learned a great deal, especially about my presentation style.

The food at the post-conference dinner had been good, as had the hotel room and breakfast but I had been obliged to fend off a slightly inebriated amorous approach from my next door neighbour throughout dinner. Sex dating in westlake ohio.

Given my recent conversations with my husband Peter, this made me smile.

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