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My right hand curls under your head supporting you as I pull the blindfold down over your eyes.

I let you settle back comfortably against the pillows as I stand walking to the foot of the bed taking first one ankle and then the other and cuffing them loosely to the foot of the bed. Sexdate cam4.

Walking to the far side of the bed I lay down next to you close enough you can feel my breath on your cheek but not close enough to feel my body against you.

I lift my hand to your left cheek lightly tracing the edge of if with my finger tips.

Feeling the light scrape of the two day growth of whiskers under my finger tips.

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Watching the slow flicker of the candle light over your skin I trail my fingertips down the side of your neck and along the edge of your collar bone.

I can hear the soft intake of breath as my finger tips rub slowly over the sensitive spot at the edge of your neck but I continue my slow exploration, finger tips gliding slowly down from the edge of your shoulder over your chest in a slow wide circle following the contours of your chest. Sex chat room without joining.

The circle slowly shrinking as my finger tips near your nipple, fingers lifting until only one finger brushes lightly against it.

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Lifting my hand I lean closer the heat of my body radiating against your ribs as my fingers lightly stroke down the other side of your throat repeating the same path on the other side. Keti2606 free live webcams without registration male.

Just as my finger lightly brushes against the bud of your nipple , my tongue curls around the one nearest me.

You can hear me purr softly as your chest raises to meet my touch and a low gasps of pleasure slip from between your slightly parted lips.

Lingering over them for only a moment I settle back propping myself on an elbow I watch your face as my fingers lightly glide back and forth across your chest tracing each one of your ribs as my fingers move slowly down towards your abdomen.

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I can feel every shift of your legs and the movement of your hips as you writhe slowly my fingers gliding softly over the curve of your hip following the edge of your thigh.

One finger brushing against the soft hairs covering your balls.

I grin to myself watching how the skin tightens around them, my fingers tickle up the other side watching your cock raise straight up straining as if it wants to touch the ceiling. Sex chat im live.

I lick my lips slowly watching your body react to my touch enjoying how your body moves in the flickering light, I sit up turning I reach behind the candles on my side of the bed, and pull out a fourth but very different candle.

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Using one of the others to light it I set it on the table watching the flame dance as the wax slowly begins to melt. Powerpuff girls big boobs sex.

I can hear your heated breathing behind me , and can tell by the shifting of the bed you're wondering what I'm doing.

As the wax melts a little more I pick up the candle and carefully crawl over you until I'm sitting above your thighs the candle cradled carefully in my hands just above your abdomen. Live online girls sex chat mobile.

Your erect cock bumping slowly against the soft inner side of my thigh.

You settle into the pillows slightly knowing I'm about to do something but not what yet.

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I wait for another moment as the candle burns a little lower the pool of wax growing larger. Shemale anal webcam.

I lean forward slightly feeling the press of your cock against my cleanly shaved tummy, I pour just a few drops of the heated wax down the center of your chest.

Your surprised gasp sending an electric, heated shiver right through me.

Quickly setting the candle aside on the table to burn a little more, I slide the fingers of both hands through the warm oil spreading it slowly over your chest rubbing it slowly into your skin as the scent of lilacs fills the air. Sexy male celebs chris fountain.

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Just as you begin to settle into the pillows once more relaxing from the slow massage, I reach out taking the candle once more.

Pouring more of the heated wax over your chest you tense from the sudden sting of the heated wax.

I blow the candle out smiling to myself as I begin once more rubbing the oils into your chest my thumbs lightly rubbing over your nipples. Camra sex com.

Greatly enjoying the shift of your hips under me as the light caress sends a wave of intense pleasure coursing through you.

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