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She put the fact that her mother was friends with Joanne Hudson and had obviously had a word with her about Bryony before the interview firmly from her mind.

Those first few months had been hard work but rewarding and Bryony was establishing herself with the girls as a good teacher who was good at what she did. Xxx school uniform fucked teeny.

She cared about her classes and was always happy to put in extra hours with the girls who asked her for extra help or coaching.

She had thrown herself into coaching the teams she had volunteered for.

Leanne was not a hockey player, so happily passed the responsibility for the senior girls’ hockey team over to the newcomer and was pleased with the way it had turned out.

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Bryony was a natural and she had led them to an unbeaten season so far.

Her work with the netball teams was equally impressive and Leanne praised her colleague constantly in the staff room.

She was amazing for a newly qualified teacher.

Very low maintenance, which suited the laid back Leanne Hanson perfectly. Taboo webcam chatroom no sign up.

However, Bryony was struggling.

Not with her PE classes, but with her form class.

When she had first met her form for the first time in September she did tell the girls what she expected of them.

High standards of uniform, consideration for others, completing work to the best standard possible, honesty and looking after one another.

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She had, however, left out the idea of consequences.

Bryony was aware that this meant corporal punishment, and she was unsure about ever using this on any of her students.

In her PE classes this was easy.

Any girl who misbehaved or had forgotten their kit was simply sent to Leanne, who applied the slipper across the buttocks with great enthusiasm. Cybersex live chat no regesterd philippines.

This led to all of Bryony’s classes doing exactly what she asked of them, without question.

One slippering on the bare buttocks from Miss Hanson usually had the desired effect and students arrived at Bryony’s next lesson with a totally changed, and more positive, attitude.

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Her form class was a different matter.

There were a few characters in there, but at first, they accepted their new teacher and generally did as asked.

Bryony relaxed, perhaps too much, and settled in to trying to get to know her girls.

The timetable had worked against her meaning that she did not teach any of her form class. Skladkaya xxxporno chat bezplatni.

She didn’t even see many of them in the after school or lunchtime clubs she ran.

It wasn’t long before emails began arriving in her inbox, describing various acts of unacceptable behaviour and Bryony began to struggle with how to deal with these.

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She tried to take the girls to one side at first. Sophia knight porno.

Chatting with them reasonably, asking them why they had misbehaved and then telling them that they shouldn’t behave like that again.

The girls seemed to accept this and went on their way.

There would then be another email within days, about the same girl, saying that she had misbehaved again. Sexy big ass blonde.

Bryony tried to ignore them but this could not go on.

She needed advice but did not know who to ask.

Matters came to a head one Wednesday morning, during morning registration.

Bryony had resorted to taking the register regardless of the noise in the classroom.

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She needed to get it done.

This was not the St Catherine’s way.

Girls sat upright behind their desks, in silence and answered their names.

Yes Miss! As Bryony struggled to hear the girls’ responses above the chatter and silliness, she failed to notice that the Head of Year, Kim Campbell, had walked into the back of the room and stood there, arms folded across her chest, shocked. Liltattoedlea free sex text chat with no registation.

It took a moment before most of the girls noticed too, and the room gradually went quiet.

All eyes fixed on a clearly angry Miss Campbell.

Bryony was the last to realise, and when she did notice, got to her feet and looked worriedly at the seriously strict Geography teacher.

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Kim shot Bryony a smile but then turned to face the class, a most different expression on her face.

Good Morning, girls.

The diminutive Miss Campbell said softly.

Good Morning, Miss Campbell.

Came the reply in unison.

Bryony marvelled at how Kim could get the twenty eight girls in her form to sit there in absolute silence.

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