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I am not going to buy a wig and a dress, or wear makeup, OK.

" My agreement to play dress up for Ray excited him about our meeting.

Ray urged me on by saying, "Yeah that will be fine; I need to feel nylon stockings rubbing on my legs.

" Ray agreed I would wear pantyhose and anything else I could find on short notice. Sexpara69 gay boy greece chatrandom video.

I would meet him at his hotel room Monday night at seven PM.

I went to Walmart the Saturday.

I walked around the woman's department, spying at the panties and bras' sets.

My heart was pounding.

I was self-conscious about the thought of buying woman clothes.

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Someone from work or my church would see me with a large woman garments when they know my wife is small.

I know that husband's shop for their wives, so why anyone would notice or care what I was buying.

Embarrassed, I walked down the panty display, grabbed a red lace ruffle panty with matching bra. Webcam sex in open access.

Next, I walk to the stockings and picking up several pantyhose; I made sure they were large.

I raced to the automatic checkout; I did need a cashier remark what I was buying.

Quickly, I left the store.

Five minutes later, I could still feel my heart pounding.

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I had an Adrenalin rush caused by buying woman garments as directed by a stranger named Ray.

In my emails and phone calls with Ray, we talked him receiving a blowjob from me.

He directed me to be dressed in pantyhose, panties and a bra.

Ray called them sissy clothes. Public sex hidden camera.

The date, time was set, and everything confirmed; I would wear the pantyhose, panties and bra.

I would rub my nylon-clad legs against his against Ray's legs, and Ray would get hard.

I would perform fellatio for him, and we would both be happy.

Ray arrived on Monday and attended his business meeting.

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I got a call from him about six PM, Ray questioned, "Are you ready?" Replying with an excited voice, "Sure, I'm ready to meet you and can be there at seven.

" Ray continued, "Are you wearing your sissy things on now?" I responded with sound of humiliation in my voice, "No; I was going to get dressed at your motel room.

" Ray shot back quickly, "No-good. Porno mistress gaia.

I insist you to arrive with you wearing your sissy things.

" I tried to offer my objection by saying, "No way; I do not care for anyone to know.

" Ray in a convincing voice, saying, "Who is to know, wear your stockings, panties and bra on, then your pants and shirt; no one will notice.

" Ray says, "You arrive wearing your sissy things.

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No sissy things, I will cancel our meeting.

" Not wanting to disappoint him, I reluctantly said, "OK I will.

I will do as you ask.

It should not take me long to get them things on.

" Now ordering me, Ray directs, "When you arrive, the door will be open, you knock, and I will go into the bathroom, you enter and remove your shirt and pants. Free sex date furry online games.

When I walk out I want see you in pantyhose, panties and bra.

" Submissively, I responded, "Ok; I'll be there at seven.

" I got naked and took the pantyhose out of the package.

The package said they were large, but looked small.

Kerala sex. pantyhose

I could not tell if there was a front or back to the pantyhose. Nika1225 webcam model.

I looked for instructions, there was none? The pantyhoses were black and sheer.

I rolled the stocking up one leg, sliding my foot into the tip, then pull and unroll the stocking to the knee.

I did the same for the other leg.

Standing pulled on each side, so the pantyhose pulled over my thigh. Victoria secret so sexy.

Wiggling my bottom and doing a little dance with my hips, pulling the pantyhose over my butt to my waist.

Smoothing out any wrinkles in the stockings, I looked at my stocking covered legs.

I commented to myself; I had pleasurable and womanly shaped legs.

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I wanted to look feminine for Ray and I shaved my legs.

I put the panties on first then the bra.

Ouch, the Bra was unyielding.

I bought a large, but the straps pressed into my skin restricting.

The bra around my chest restricted my ability to take a deep breath. The amazing spider man sex.

I wear my pants, shirt and shoes.

I drove to Ray's hotel dressed in woman underwear and had the filling others watching.

I prayed not to be in an accident or pulled over by the police.

You could not tell I was wearing pantyhose, panty, and a bra.

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