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Granny sighed while re-arranging the layers of clothing covering her crotch.

Stan wished he could move; anything to avoid the sight which was currently being burnt into his memory.

If only he could at least close his eyes.

Was that a gusset? Or something much, much worse? Sexy mary jane shoes. I think I’ll have to change me knickers.

Granny scratched herself in a manner which will have the censors reaching for their scissors in the film adaptation of this story, and then had a further rummage elsewhere in her hosiery which produced a pipe and tobacco pouch. Full cam girls sex cams sex show chat full screen.

Always fancy a nice big bowl of t’bacca after an orgasm, Granny sighed as she extracted a generous pinch of Latakia.

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You don’t mind if I smoke do you Stan.

Silly question, really.

You being from ‘down there’ – course you don’t mind.

Don’t you go telling Margaret though, Granny warned, pointing the stem of her pipe at Stan. Sex clara.

Otherwise I’ll have to tell her how you took advantage of a defenseless old woman.

Granny winked in a lascivious manner which would have made Stan vomit if he’d had any control over any part of his body.

Granny found her box of matches and lit a pair.

After a few seconds of gummy sucking noises, the sulfurous odor from the burning matches was replaced by an intense peppery fragrance. Liveweb cam sex.

As the first wisp of tobacco smoke curled up from Granny’s lips, Stan found that he’d been released.

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The stuffy fullness in his head disappeared, like a sinus suddenly releasing.

He was repulsed but the memories of what he had felt before… it had been the most powerful sensations of pleasure he’d ever experienced. Cute riomaggiore guy wants fun sex.

Pure hedonism.

Stan loved a bit of hedonism.

He wanted to experience that again.

Granny nodded.

Imagine how much better it would be with her… with Alice.

Are you still in my head? Of course not, filthy place.

Wouldn’t dream of hanging around in there.

Granny winked in a manner which made Stan’s body tense. Chatrandom sex porn teen.

Of course, some of the filth wasn’t too bad.

I liked the bits with me in… and watching all those innocent girlies getting their bottoms boned brought back some happy memories.

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Granny wormed herself deeper into the cushions.

Of course all that will stop if the world ends. Superporno com.

What will? Anal sex with virgin girls.

No-one gets born down there, remember.

They’ll be no new girls coming onto the scene for you to deflower.

It won’t be long before all the girls have given it away.

Granny took a long drag on her pipe and spoke her next thought through a cloud of smoke thick enough to suggest that her lungs were on fire. Martinique girls to fuck.

And you’ll have to share with the other demons down there.

Unless you agree to call it off.

Call what off? The whole shebang.

This End-Of-The-World nonsense.

There was the sound of keys in the front door.

I’m back, Alice called.

A pair of shoes hurtled down the hallway like a bowling ball down an alley.

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All manner of boots and shoes fell like skittles at the far end.

They were the sounds of a girl in a hurry.

I’ll just get you a plate, Granny, Alice said, but her eyes were on Stan as she smiled.

There was an underlying something which Stan recognized from the leery old woman sitting opposite him. Watch online sex channels.

But there was also an innocence and freshness which were long-lost attributes as far as Granny was concerned.

Stan smiled hungrily at the stunning body blessed with more than a little stupidity: Alice was a perfect combination as far as Stan was concerned. Dearhanna webcam model sign up.

She was sweating slightly, having obviously run back in her enthusiasm to be with him.

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It put Stan in mind of what she would look like after he’d fucked her.

He felt his desire stirring.

Alice returned with the plate of chips.

Thanks Dearie.

Granny? Yeth Alicth, Granny asked impatiently through a mouth full of chips. Interracial comics porno.

Should I let him stick his thing in my special place? Granny stopped chewing and her good eye roved from Alice to Stan and back again to her granddaughter.


There was an exaggerated gulp.

Alice smiled.

Oh goody! she exclaimed.

Her hands flew up into the ‘Y’ of the YMCA before coming together in an excruciatingly-loud clapping. Sg girl sex chat forum.

She ran from the room.

Aren’t you worried about me being up there… alone with your granddaughter?

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Granny shook her head.

A grin formed on Stan’s face.

The kind of grin which watches the herd from the long grass and launches into action only as the nursery full of younger meat on wobbly legs starts passing by. Amazing 3d sex.

The door closed.

I’m sure you’ll be just fine.

Granny Smith cackled.

She liked cackling but didn’t get much of an opportunity to do it these days.

Not for real anyway.

The cackling quickly broke-down into a coughing fit which had her reaching for the phlegm glass.

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