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That fucker,” I said.

“Ellen, he’s pissing on you!” “Ymph,” was all she said as she pushed more of my cock down her throat.

“Yeah, open your mouth, whore. Volturi66 sex camera.

I want to get my money’s worth,” Gary said.

Ellen moaned loudly in stereo.

I watched as Ellen opened her mouth.

Gary’s hot piss made a gurgling sound as it filled my wife’s usually articulate mouth.

Now swallow,” he said.

Ellen’s eyes flared for a second. Sexy show game.

Now she felt outrage? She looked up at him.

I thought she might refuse, but instead, her mouth closed and she swallowed with a loud gulp.

All the men in the room cheered or groaned.

Gary continued pissing all over Ellen’s face, washing loads of cum down onto her chest, breasts and hands. How to sex a bunny.

One of Ellen’s hands moved down between her legs while the other wandered around her body, rubbing cum and pee around on her face, chest, throat, and flat abdomen.

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A volley of sensations hit me.

Humiliation, embarrassment, and lust. Fucking hot pakistani girl nude.

I was in Ellen’s throat now, for the first time, which felt incredible.

Watching her get pissed on screen as she deep throated me live was too much.

“You whore,” I said.

I’d never called her that.

I grabbed Ellen’s head and thrust forward. Free videos webcam model kleofox.

I’d never done that, either.

She gagged on my cock, but I didn’t care.

I just found it funny she wasn’t gagging on the video, too.

Ellen’s eyes teared up more as she gagged on my cock again and again while I fucked her face and watched.

Gary finished up and stepped aside. Free online webcam boobs no registration.

What a generous friend he was.

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The ginger got up next and unleashed a stream of piss on her face.

Again Ellen smiled as he and three other men showered her down in golden pee.

She shivered and groaned in orgasm at least once.

Finally, the guy with the camera got his turn. Free webcamsxxx.

Her wet, shiny face was completely washed clean of cum.

Ellen opened her eyes and smiled at the camera.

The cameraman took and excellent POV movie of my wife receiving his hot spray, first on her forehead, then down the bridge of her nose and into her open mouth. Hotsex webcam cabels.

She opened her eyes again when the stream abruptly stopped.

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