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She let go of my ass and then brought her other hand to her pussy.

She stuck her finger inside of her pussy as she moaned over my cock.

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I couldn’t help it and let out a loud moan.

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Using one hand to shove me in her mouth as far as she could while shoving her other finger into my ass.

She would ease her hand off of my ass and pull my cock almost out of her mouth while pulling her finger almost completely out.

She continued this repeating over and over and faster and faster. Recorded webcam porn.

I couldn’t hold out much longer and suddenly exploded while deep inside of her throat.

She pulled me out just a little bit and swallowed.

I continued to shoot my sperm inside of her mouth.

She continued to swallow.

She didn’t miss a beat or a drop.

After shooting my final squirt inside of her mouth, she moaned and started swirling her tongue all around my head and shaft.

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Although I was starting to get soft, she still continued.

She pulled my cock out till just the head was still inside of her lips and she continued swirling her tongue all around the head.

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She then shoved her finger back into my ass.

She started stroking me faster and faster and I started to get hard again.

She let me fall from her mouth as she continued to stroke me, faster and faster and faster.

I finally became completely hard again.

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She looked up into my eyes and said, Now comes the fun part! Hotie_girl mallu sex girls pic. She let go of my cock and stood up.

She kissed me on the lips and pulled away and smiled.

Then she turned around and bent down.

She placed both of her hands on the toilet seat and eased her legs back towards me as my cock just rubbed the back of her ass. Grenada women sex free.

She looked over her shoulder at me and said, It’s time to put that stick shift in gear and drive, Dave!.

I didn’t hesitate and grabbed my cock with one hand and placed my other on her hip.

I guided my cock to her open pussy and wiggled my cock head around it.

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I got it all wet and then I place the head between her moist lips.

I let go of my cock and placed my hand on her other hip.

She started to push back into me as I thrust forward with all of my might.

My cock pierced her pussy all the way in as my balls slapped themselves against her underside. Mens sexy briefs.

She let out a scream, Oh yes, Dave.

Give it to me.

Fast and hard!!!! Who was I to argue.

I started thrusting in and out of her as fast as I could, keeping her steady with my hands on her hips.

She met every thrust of mine pushing back each time.

We continued on for about five minutes when she suddenly came.

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She squirted out her juices over my cock and balls and her pussy gripped my cock.

She let out a scream again as she came.

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She immediately turned around and grabbed my cock.

She stroked it a few more times and held onto it leading me out of the bathroom.

We got into the living room and she let go of me and laid down on the floor on her back.

She grabbed her big tits and squeezed them together and said, bring that cock right here.

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I immediately got down on my knees straddling her.

I eased myself up till my cock was between her big tits.

She squeezed them together again and I started thrusting my cock between them.

She started sticking out her tongue as my cock head stuck out the top of her tits. Free sex video chat no signup and everything free.

She would lick the top of my cock as I thrust forward.

After a couple of minutes I was ready to cum.

I’m going to come, Donna! Oh God, I’m going to cum!, I yelled out.

She immediately let go of her tits and grabbed my cock.

She started stroking it at lightening speed.

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