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Are you Justin Story? That’s me.

I’m Detective Simms with the Clark County Sheriff’s Department.

He opened his wallet to show him his badge.

The young detective nervously looked over his shoulder and tugged at his arm.

Come with me.

Story followed the lanky black detective through the doors, across a wide sidewalk to a waiting blue Ford Crown Victoria with plain hubcaps. Prettymorena www private sex cam com.

I can’t believe it, the typical detective police car.

Anyone anywhere would recognize that immediately.

I hope we’re not being followed.

Quickly shoving Story into the backseat, the young detective ran around the front of the car and hopped into the front passenger seat. Chaturbate alexa ann model porno.

Watch sex and the city online the movie. story

Right away, Story noticed the middle aged, balding man sitting behind the steering wheel.

Like Detective Simms, he also wore a cheap suit.

For a second they locked eyes in the rear view mirror, then the car peeled away from the curb and sped off.

Story, huh? Sex and the city youtube samantha. The balding man grunted.

Finally, I meet you in person.

Again he eyed Story in the rearview mirror.

You must be Lieutenant Hubert Stowe, Story said while lighting a cigarette.

You can call me Hubie.

Call me Justin.

Alright, Justin.

We gotta go over a few things. Sex most perverted family in the world.

Sure, of course.

So, you told me on the phone that you’ve got experience wearing a wire.

Yeah, several times.

Simms… The Lieutenant nodded his head.

Watch sex and the city online the movie. story

Detective Simms passed a wired mini-microphone and roll of tape across the back of his seat to Story.

Wear that at all times, Stowe instructed. Mila s cam sex whores.

We need everything we can get on these guys.

I mean, hell, you’re getting the story and we’re getting something we can take to the FBI.

We sure as hell can’t take it to our guys, the Staties, and especially not the gaming commission.

You can’t trust any of them? Sex dating in waubay south dakota. Hell, no! The Lieutenant cleared his throat.

They’re all on the take.

It’s up to you to get the goods on this place.

These guys are crazy as shit if they think I’ll wear that fuckin’ wire all the time.

So you told me on the phone, the gambling is rigged, they’re paying off officials, all the women there are prostitutes — maybe even sex slaves held against their will.

Watch sex and the city online the movie. story
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Yeah, that’s my take anyhow.

They got some kind of hold on those chicks.

Goddamn, those bevies are all gorgeous.

It looks like they are whoring out the Miss America pageant in there.

I mean goddammed goddesses.

It’s a casino, hotel, strip club, brothel, all under one roof. Small tits shaved masturbate penis and fuck.

And we gotta prove it.

Lieutenant Stowe scratched his chin.

This place has been untouchable since it opened in the mid-1950s.

Even the fucking Mob leaves them alone.

Story shook his head as he stuffed the microphone components into his bag.

Let me get this straight — you’re saying whoever runs this place isn’t Cosa Nostra? Completely free to message sex date. That’s right, even the fucking mobsters leave them alone.

Watch sex and the city online the movie. story

I mean they fucking won’t go near the place.

Stowe grunted, Hey, are you going to offer me a goddamn cigarette or not? Sorry ‘bout that.

Story pulled the cigarette pack from his jacket pocket and offered it over the seat back to both detectives. Live chat online sex canada.

Stowe took a cigarette and popped the dash board lighter.

Detective Simms waved the offer off and glared out the side window.

Finally taking a long draw off the cigarette and exhaling, Stowe said, Damn, I love these things.

I’m supposed to be quit.

The old lady nagged for years and I finally quit just to shut her up. Webcam booty.

So, are you guys going to keep me under surveillance or what? Story asked.

As much as we can, Lieutenant Stowe answered.

Watch sex and the city online the movie. story

You got the room taken care of and all, right? Yeah, the paper sprung for one of the better rooms to make me seem more authentic.

Watch sex and the city online the movie.