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I said.

I was standing at attention but I already felt my body betraying me.

I was warm and my body tingled.

Why was I here? I had never done anything like this before.

Nothing about this was right.

I should be running out the door but instead I was standing here at attention and waiting for him to yell at me again. Petite ballerinas fucked.

and loving it.

I told you to wear the shirt, the jeans, and pink panties but I never said anything about the bra! Why are you wearing a bra? He paused, waiting for an answer.

I didn't know what to say.

Was he serious? Did he actually expect me to wear this shirt without a bra? Russian webcam porn videos. If I did there would be absolutely nothing left to the imagination.

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If I wasn't wearing a bra with this shirt I may as well be topless.

I guess that is what he wanted.

Something about it was both repulsive and interesting.

I could feel his eyes lingering on my body. Motor sexy show.

Take off the bra.

He commanded.

Yes Sensei.

I said.

A simple command.

I shouldn't do it but the thought of giving into that command was sending waves of desire up my spine.

I lifted my shirt but he shouted, NO! Not like that.

Remove it without taking off your shirt. Private webcam.

I obeyed.

I reached up and unclasp my bra and then I pulled off one shoulder and then the next and finally pulled the bra down the front of my shirt.

I felt my breasts naked and bare under the shirt.

My little budding nipples pressed out just begging to be seen.

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I felt his eyes on them.

I knew he was looking.

I straightened and thrust my chest out with my arms down by my sides.

The tight shirt pulling across my nipples, exciting me, and making me wish he would touch me.

Good girl.

This excites you I see.

I remember that shirt from the first day you were in the crowd. Teen mobile cam sex.

I could see every single detail of the black bra you wore under it and I knew if you weren't wearing a bra it would be amazing to see what your firm young breasts looked like under it.

Now I know and I'm not disappointed.

He said moving in close behind me. Vidos sexsi.

I could feel his breath on my neck.

I could smell him.

I wanted his hands on me and I writhed like a snake.

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What are you? I've never seen a girl so eager before.

Are you really this much of a slut? He asked.

I didn't answer and so the next thing I knew he had a fist full of my hair in his hand and he had my head jerked back and my body fell with it. Bbw fat webcam.

I screamed out in pain but I also thought it was the most wonderful sensation I had ever experienced.

I asked you a question and you'll learn that when I ask a question I expect an answer and I expect it to be followed by the proper respect! Yes Sensei. Legalization same sex marriage.

yes, I'm a slut.

I'm a slut Sensei.

I said between the pain.

He pushed his body against my back and I could feel his muscle.

He grabbed my hips and pulled my ass into his crotch and I could feel his erection through my jeans.

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I moaned desperately and waited for him to use me. 30lana pak skype girl nude sex.

Instead he pushed my upper back and I doubled over.

I felt humiliated but vulnerable and my ass stuck up in the air like some cheap porn tart waiting to be fucked.

Now you are going to learn what happens when you disobey me.

He said.

I heard the unmistakable sound of leather sliding through belt loops and the small sound of his belt buckle shaking as he pulled the belt around his hand like an old school teacher ready for the paddle. 01predator01 100 free mature webcam.

Place your hands as flat on the floor as possible but keep your legs straight.

Whatever you do, don't bend your legs, it will only be worse for you.

He ordered.

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I placed my hands flat on the floor but had to open my legs a little to keep them straight.

I think he knew this would happen.

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