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I get the feeling Brock is interested in Alluna.

He wants to be next in line for the throne, and winning Luna’s hand is a sure way to get there.

Zak picked up his pace, but he sensed the powerful Arborian warriors looming closer. Anna kendrick sexy.

He unsheathed his sword.

I’ll kill the fucker.


I’ll shift.

You can ride my back and I’ll get us the mouth of the cave faster.

Even as he spoke, his voice grew more animalistic. Sexy wives dahaneh.

He passed Zak in the tunnel, disappearing in the darkness ahead.

A low rumbling growl filled the air.

Zak ran faster as well, until he came up behind the twenty-foot tiger, hunched down, back to Zak.

Zak leapt onto the white tiger’s back and held on tightly when the feline surged forward.

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He had to crouch low, hugging the giant cat’s back, feeling the powerful roll of muscles undulate against his chest and thighs.

What took almost a half hour before only took a few minutes now.

Seth’s speed in shifted form was amazing. Ai sex chat bot.

The salty air blasted against Zak’s face, and soon the roar of the pounding sea filled his ears.

Thunder rolled in the sky and the wind howled through the cave.

The coming storm had churned the sea up into a roiling mass of murderous waves. Teen xxx webcam.

Zak wasn’t sure he was strong enough to fly in such weather, but the thought of his sweet Alluna out there in the dark in a storm-tossed sea made his gut twist with anxiety.

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There was a strange energy in the air that made his unease grow.

It was as if the wind cried out his name. Pontorson women fucking.

Zaaak, help me.

Shit,he cursed before plunging off the cliff’s edge.

Chapter 1 He was having a deep, dreamless sleep, warm and cozy under the covers of the large four poster bed with its thick, soft mattress.

From somewhere in the depths of his slumber, he felt a stirring, very pleasant, enticing and familiar. Closeup solo male cumshots porno hd.

As he slowly emerged from the foggy depths of his sleep, he became more aware of his surroundings.

He was lying on his back and could feel soft fingers trailing across the skin of his bare stomach, tickling his flesh gently.

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But that wasn’t the cause of the stirring sensation.

His eyes flickered open, blinking against the warm sunshine that filled the room.

Squinting, he looked downward and saw that the fingers were actually long golden brown hair spilling over his chest and stomach, and a warm mouth was enveloping his hard member. Best chat for sex.

He closed his eyes and groaned softly, then opened them again as he felt the lovingly wet mouth slip from his hardness.

The hair flipped back and he was staring into the most hauntingly beautiful green eyes he could ever remember seeing.

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