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I wasn't told of other brands.

" Clair said to me "Hi Gerry.

Well "Leggs" makes a similar product that has a little more support and is a little less money.

" She asked me "Would you like to see them?" I said to Clair " Yes I guess so if they have as much support and they will work.

" Clair went around the corner to the next isle and pulled a bag from the shelf. Free sex in huntsville alabama west huntsville alabama free.

She handed them to me and said "Here these should be your size.

" I took the bag from her and read the fit chart on the back and yes that they should be the right size.

I said to Clair " I'm not sure I will like these.

I live thirty five miles from here and I really don't want to buy them if I don't like them.

" Clair said to me with a smile on her face "I don't expect you to buy them without trying them on.

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You can take a pair into the dressing room and try them on.

" Clair ripped open the bag and fished out a pair and handed them to me.

She pointed to the dressing room and said "You can go in there and try them on.

" Then she said "Please leave on your underwear so if you don't like them or they don't fit I can put them back in the package.

" I paused and then turned a little red and said "Clair, I have a problem. Cheapest sex cam.

I don't have on underwear.

I don't wear them with pantyhose as I thought the panty part of pantyhose was the underwear.

" Clair turned walked a few steps and stopped at the display of panties in front of her.

They were a thin cotton brief that I had always called granny wear.

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She took a pair held them up, they were plain white with a elastic waist band and elastic around the leg openings.

She tossed them to me and said "Here these should fit.

I am going to lock the door as it's past 9 pm and I need to close.

Take your time and try those pantyhose on and let me know how they feel.

" I walked into the dressing room and took off my shoes and socks. Russian girl webcam.

I unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my jeans.

I pulled them off and rolled down my "Hanes Alive" pantyhose and pulled them off my feet.

I took the white granny panties and pulled them on.

They were very soft and surprisingly thin.

I could see the outline of my penis and balls through the fabric. Arcsoft webcam companion 3 free download.

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I rolled up the right leg of the pantyhose and pulled them up my leg stopping as I got to the top of my thigh.

I rolled up the left leg and did the same.

Now let me tell you that these pantyhose were about half as long as my "Hanes" pantyhose and I highly doubted that they would even come up to my knees much less cover my ass. Mommy sex online.

I proceeded to pull them up and smooth them as I went.

I kept pulling and they kept covering.

I pulled the waist band into place just over my navel and rubbed my legs together.

I thought wow these feel really good and then I felt the tingle that rubbing the fabric together gives and then I felt my cock getting a little stiff. Live sex cam freexxxx.

Now I generally tuck my cock and balls in my pantyhose because wearing them sometimes, well almost always gets me hard.

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I had tucked my cock in the panties that Clair made me put on to preserve the freshness of the pantyhose, and now things were getting a little tighter. Prettymea sex online webcam face to face.

That is when I heard the door knob turn.

I looked up to see Clair there looking at my legs encased in the nylon.

I quickly put my hand over my somewhat erect cock and hoped she didn't see the bulge that was between my legs.

My face felt hot and I knew I was a bright shade of red. Canl? porno.

Clair who was probably in her mid forties and I would term a full figured woman.

Not that she was large but she was not a skinny little girl, said to me as she lowered her hands to my ankles "You have very nice legs.

" Then her hands and fingers started running up my right leg.

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Pinching at the fabric as they moved up my leg.

She stopped short of my groin area and then checked the left leg.

As she ran her hands up my legs I moaned as it felt good.

My cock had grown even harder and longer and then she put her hands on my hips and pulled up the pantyhose even higher. Www chat sex girl com.

I moaned louder as it really pushed my cock up tight against my balls.

My cock was now pulled in between my balls and growing.

Clair's hands and fingers started tracing my cock through my pantyhose and panties.

I shook as her fingers grabbed my stiff cock and started pulling on it. Indian sex web cam videos.

She turned me around so my ass was facing her and she ran her hands up my ass.

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I moaned louder as she pulled the waist up again from the back.

I said in a very soft whisper "That would feel better with out these panties on.

" At that Clair pulled the pantyhose down just enough to get at the panties and I felt a cold steel on my hips, only to look down and see her with a scissors cutting the panties from the leg openings to the waist band. Natasha marley getting fucked.

She gave them a tug and pulled them from my crotch with a jerk.

I felt the fabric pulling my balls and cock back as it slid through my gap between my legs and I let out a yelp.

I heard Clair giggle and then she pulled my pantyhose back up.

She put her hands between my legs and slowly rubbed my cock and balls. Tamanna bhatia sex wallpaper.

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She turned me around again and put her hands right back between my legs.

Rubbing my hard shaft and feeling my balls.

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