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Time to revisit the arrangements we used last year, before Jason.

You still have your guitar, right, Nate? "We've done it before, Ryan.

We'll be fine," Nate assured her.

"And yes, I do.

It's right over there; I left it here last week.

I must have known something was coming.

" "You know, guys.

" Mitch tapped a stick on his knee.

"We've gone back and forth on this for a while. Home sex free cams.

Do we really need a second guitarist? I mean, how many times have we gone through this?" "He's got a point.

" Lara sat on one of the folding chairs scattered in the room.

"We've done all right with just the four of us in the past.

" "But when it works, when we have a guitarist that fits, I like the extra depth in the sound.

" Ryan dropped into another chair.

"It gives us more options, more possibilities.

" "I see that, but still, do we really need it?" Nate asked.

"We sound fine as a four-piece, we all know that.

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I think I like us better that way; the sound is more basic, more stripped-down, more I don't know.

Honest, maybe.

" "I'm with him.

" Mitch nodded.

"Not to mention, it would save us the hassle of interviewing and auditioning and then trying out any more Jasons.

" "Ryan, you're right, but the truth is, no one has fit since Alex.

" Lara cocked an eyebrow at her friend and Mitch and Nate nodded in agreement. Webcam teen korean.

Ryan rested her elbows on her knees and dropped her head in her hands.

Mitch had a point, and so did Nate and Lara; no other guitarist except Alex, Nate's roommate from college, had fit in with them.

Since he'd left, they'd performed a number of times as a four-piece unit, and no one had ever complained.

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Was looking for another guitarist worth it, or necessary? She looked up.

"You guys all have good points.

Let's put it aside at least for now, though, what do you say? We can talk about it again after the gig.

It's not like we're going to find someone this week anyway.

" "Sounds like a plan," Mitch agreed.

"Works for me," said Nate.

"Oh, hey! Rozaly usa sex stars. I forgot to tell you guys!" They all turned to Lara, who was bouncing with excitement.

"I got a call back from a concert promoter just before I left to come here.

They'll have an A&R guy in the audience!" "Excellent!" Mitch beamed.

"Nice work!" "Way to go, Lara!" Nate hugged her.


" Ryan felt her anxiety level jump up several notches.

"So we just lost a guitarist a week before our first headlining gig, at which there'll be an A&R guy in the audience.

" "Yep!" Lara grinned.

"Cool, huh?" "Oh, yeah.

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Way cool.

" Ryan's stomach was in knots.

"Okay, guys, let's get started.

" Best to read Cottage Story 1 and 2 as this is continuation in the series….

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