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Pepper and got back on the freeway.

Minneapolis was only 140 miles away.

I could easily be home by 8:00.

The thought of seeing Jeanne and sleeping with her in our own bed that night gave me a burst of adrenalin.

It had been a long tiring day, but the final leg of my journey was going to be easy. Livesexcam online.

At 7:40 I pulled up to my house.

A dark blue Toyota Avalon was parked on my side of the driveway.

For a moment anger surged through me as my mind flashed back to that fateful Saturday morning last August when I unexpectedly arrived home and found Derek Fischer's car parked in our driveway. Korea webcam toy.

My anger was temporary.

Reason quickly returned.

I took a deep breath, smiled and shook my head.

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I was worn out from the drive and disappointed that I couldn't just run in the front door and throw my arms around my loving wife, but I realized that I didn't have any reason to be angry or even upset. Jasminesexvideo chat com.

In my haste to get home I'd neglected to call Jeanne and warn her that I was going to arrive a day early.

Even more important, during our telephone conversation the previous night she'd told me that there was a group going to Brady's after work today and since I wasn't going to be at home she'd asked me if I'd mind if she joined them. Couple looking for male for sex sao paulo.

I'd not only told her that I didn't mind, I'd actually suggested that if she met a gentleman who appealed to her, she should invite him to come home with her for a little fun.

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It now appeared that she'd done exactly what I'd encouraged her to do.

I definitely did not have any reason to be angry. Betty cooper sex.

Still I recognized that this was an awkward situation.

I should have called.

While it wasn't her fault, I knew Jeanne.

She was still going to feel guilty that she was entertaining a man when I arrived home.

I considered checking into a motel and arriving home the next afternoon as I'd originally planned. Top new sex.

I immediately rejected that idea.

If I did that I'd be lying to Jeanne.

We'd both made a pledge to be totally honest with each other.

Beginning our new life together with a lie would be a violation of that pledge.

I thought about going to a bar, ordering a beer and calling Jeanne to tell her I was at home.

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I rejected that idea too.

Jeanne would certainly ask me why I'd stopped at a bar rather than coming straight home.

It also seemed silly to me.

This was our new life style.

I wasn't planning to go to a bar every time my wife was entertaining a man, so it didn't seem reasonable that I should do it now. Random webcam sex chat.

I decided that going into the house was my only reasonable option, but that left me with a new dilemma.

When I go inside should I immediately announce my presence or should I try to enter quietly and wait until Jeanne and her guest are finished playing before letting Jeanne know that I'm at home? Amateur hairy teen webcam. An immediate announcement would surprise and unsettle Jeanne.

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While I was certain she would be happy to see me, I was also certain she would be shocked and probably embarrassed that I'd arrived home while she was entertaining a male friend.

It was also likely that a sudden announcement of my arrival would end Jeanne's sex party.

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