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It was definitely the right decision to give you my number.

~~~ Of course, she spanks my pretty ass regularly.

I want it that way and it turns me on.

The good thing is that while her dominant inclination is part of her, nevertheless spanking is just a game for her. Mobilsexs.

I can also talk about other things with her, we have similar music tastes and like the same bands.

She also shares my love of horror movies.

But most importantly, she's not trying to dominate our relationship.

We spend almost every weekend together and we are both chaotic as far as order is concerned. Freesex video calling.

We do not care if the TV is covered with dust or if the dishes that have not been washed up and are stacked in the sink.

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The weekends with Casandra are relaxed and casual.

Only during a spanking is it no longer relaxed and casual.

Then she drives me to my limits, she dominates me. Dasaxx online chat room without registration chat sex.

I want to see you suffering, otherwise I will not enjoy it, but I want you to be satisfied afterward.

Otherwise, I would have failed, she once explained to me after a spanking.

Yes, I'm satisfied, very satisfied.

Therefore my enthusiasm to participate in the Spanking School is limited. Sex tonite royal oak maryland.

I have a steady girlfriend who makes my fantasies come true.

Well, I admit, after some red ass, it feels tempting to pay it back to Cassandra.

Right at our first meeting, she told me that sometimes she is a bottom, but it takes a lot of time before she gives someone to leave to smack her ass.

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I will get this opportunity soon! Cassandra When we arrive at the hotel, I start to change my clothes; black trousers, black blouse, black jacket, and black lipstick.

Maybe I should teach gothic instead of German History.

When I come out of the bathroom, Fynn whistles appreciatively. Sex kadr online.

Wow, you look really hot, babe.

You could have put on something a little more chic, I reply to him.

He has not changed and is wearing simple jeans and a hooded pullover.

Sorry, forgot my school uniform, unfortunately, he replies with an ironic grin.

You’re a rebel, someone should teach you a lesson. Xkat free sex chat face to face on android no sign in or registration.

Do you really think so?

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he asks me with a playful provocative voice.

Before he can react I give his butt a good smack.

Yes, I think so, what a pity that we have to go.

Ouch… bitch… I'll get you back for that later! I yawn demonstratively, I just can't wait. Sex18.

Together we leave the hotel room.

The playful friction with Fynn does me good, I feel more relaxed now and I'm glad he's here with me.

Fynn parks the car in the school parking lot.

It is actually a real school but it has been vacant for ten years.

So far, our school games have always taken place in BDSM clubs with classrooms. Webcam teen ass showing.

I wonder how Carmen managed to rent a proper school for our event.

She organizes the events for Arsch Events.

Once again, I'm impressed by her organizational talent.

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At the entrance, we show the security man our invitations.

He explains how to get to the sports hall, where the champagne reception, which is a tradition before any Arsch Event, takes place. Hp webcam driver free.

As we enter the sports hall, several participants welcome me immediately.

Hi Cassandra, you look great.

Hey, Cassandra, really great outfit.

Hello, Cassandra, nice that my favorite teacher is finally here.

My popularity keeps surprising me, I'm not kind at all when I slip into the teaching role, I have caused many here much pain already. Freepics porno absolut.

Nevertheless, I'm pleased the friendly welcome, I don't seem to be doing my thing too badly.

You're a real celebrity here, says Fynn with a smile.

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Fortunately, he is not a jealous type.

I think he knows how it is with me.

I love him and can imagine spending the rest of my life with him.

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