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Planning for tonight Tina had flirted and teased her.

Her blonde girlfriend had promised to use a vibrator on her pussy.

In an even more shocking discussion Tina had asked if anyone had put a dildo up her ass? Carol had blushed furiously.

The thrill she felt from that naughty girly chat was still resonating in the back of her mind. Sex and the city 3 online.

Carol was thrilled to try all these new things.

Anal sex would be a new and exciting chapter in her sexual journey.

Tina was such a good friend to teach her how to enjoy being a woman.

Paul’s wife tried to think of what a boring life she had led up until only a few days ago. Fabiana471 animal teens sex fullhd videos.

The newly adventurous wife had even started to surf the Internet for porn.

She was curious.

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Carol was thirsty to learn about her sexuality.

She was soaking up so many new ideas.

She’d found a lovely web site with sex stories called Lush.

It was just random luck as she searched for lesbian sex stories. Fire jennifer webcam.

The horny curious wife loved the site.

Carol had read some of the girl-girl stories and then masturbated her self to an orgasm.

She would think about what she had read in the stories and feel her body tingle and her pussy get wet.

Carol was growing in confidence as a woman. Fucking free live webcam no sign in.

Carol’s phone pinged.

She glanced down at her screen.

The message was from Tina.

Her Aussie friend was in a taxi at the front of the luxury beachside resort.

Carol scampered to the bathroom.

She had almost forgotten her new scent.

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Paul’s wife sprayed some Miss Dior perfume on as a final touch for the evening. Lillynaughtyx horny bhabhi for chatting and sex.

The sales girl had given her a tiny sampler bottle.

The small battle was in her clutch bag so she could refresh later.

The new perfume was another purchase she had made with Tina.

They both loved the fresh young and yet classic scent.

The new Carol needed a new scent. Sexy porno arabian teens.

Her signature perfume she decided would be Miss Dior.

When she was on the prowl to find a new sex partner this is the scent she would wear.

It seems a leopard can grow new spots.

Carol scooted back from the bathroom into the hotel room.

She was almost skipping with youthful exuberance in her newly purchased silver high heels. Real hidden cam teen sex.

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Carol quickly pecked her husband on the cheek.

He smelled her perfume.

He mumbled.

The perfume was new too.

He’d never smelled that perfume before.

So you’re just going with Tina right? Not going to fuck that Will guy, or Steve again? Carol smiled a beaming smile. Sky sex tape.

She patted her husband’s cheek gently.

No darling.

That’s not the plan, she frowned.

But who I have sex with is my business darling.

You know that now.

Paul’s wife patted his head like he was being a disobedient puppy that she was tolerating.

Don’t frown darling. Sex cam thai.

You know how I hate it when you frown.

In her new outfit Carol looked at least ten-years younger than her thirty-eight official calendar years.

Her face was glowing the way women do when they are vibrant and horny and ready to fuck up a storm.

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Her sexy youthful outfit and glittery silver heels made her seem even younger and sexier. Fuck buddies greensboro.

Paul’s wife appeared outwardly like any one of the sexy young tourist girls in Bali.

She was all dressed up, hair done, nails done, and looking to score some hot random sex for the night.

Carol was the kind of hot horny women you might find at any one of the nightclubs in Kuta: a horny woman ready to pull her panties down and fuck you without even asking your name. Hot image crazy fuck.

Except that tonight there would be no panties to pull down.

Since you don’t fuck me honey, Carol paused letting the harsh words sink in.

Others have taken your place to satisfy your wife.

Paul’s wife picked up her silver sequin clutch bag.

The cute silver bag matched her new youthful silver high heels.

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All these new items were part of her new younger sexier identity that Tina had helped her to shape.

Carol decided Tina really should be a fashion stylist since she was so good at selecting an outfit.

You get to watch honey, Carol continued.

It’s what you have always dreamed of Paul. Free webcam chat with girls.

The look on Paul’s face as Carol left their hotel suite was pathetic.

Oh well he needs to get used to it she thought to her self as she walked out the door.

The horny wife realized her husband needed to accept and embrace his new role.

She was the way she was now and that was not going to change back to the old Carol. Free latin sex chat.

Of course there would be a period of anger and pain before he fully embraced his new role.

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Paul’s wife smiled brightly and waved to him lightly as the door closed.

Even a wild horse bucks and resists when you first put the bit between its jaws.

Paul was no wild stallion. Watch online animal sex videos.

He would domesticate fairly easily she decided.

Walking towards the hotel lobby Carol reflected on all the changes.

At first the shockwaves to Carol’s marriage had been unsettling for her.

She had unlocked a door in her marriage that could never be closed. Online free sex chating in sudan.

The first time she was fucked by young William had opened Paul’s wife’s shuttered eyes to a new world.

She had glimpsed a new scary, but a thrilling world.

This was a new universe where Carol was a complete woman.

It was a world where Paul’s wife could shed the neutered roll of sexless wife and become a hot wife.

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It was a world where she could welcome her pussy back to the party.

Carol and her tingling wet pussy could never go back to the old stifling existence.

Abstinence and a sexless marriage were no longer an option.

The second time Will had fucked Carol had been even better than the first. Free webcam with stranger online.

Her screams, her cries, the massive orgasms, the way her nails had raked his back: she still blushed thinking of how wild the sex had been.

The young tennis stud’s big hard cock was so satisfying.

Paul’s wife had planned the second time better.

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