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I sucked and I switched and I fucking orgasmed from having two gorgeous cocks to pleasure.

I felt Mark’s hardness intensify first.

I took him deep and throat fucked him until I knew he was ready.

I clamped my lips around that amazing cock head and stroked his shaft. Big ass granny webcam hd.

Holy fuck, Katie! I gotta cum! And he did! Jet after jet of his delicious hot cum spurted against the back of my throat as he unloaded a huge semen package into my mouth.

Making him come felt fantastic and I shuddered and shook through a massive orgasm of my own. Get zip code of fuck buddy grassy key.

I wanted to keep sucking, let him soften in my mouth while I savored his hot jizz, but Rob was there, stroking and waiting.

I released Mark’s cock and smiled up at him, then swallowed all of his glorious goo in one gulp.

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Rob was next.

Rob received the same treatment. Punjab sex chat tube.

Seriously intense cock sucking and deep-throating, lots of stroking, and soon he was ready.

He blasted his entire cum load into my receptive mouth.

I eagerly swallowed every drop and orgasmed again.

I stayed on my knees to suckle their softening cocks and slurp up any remaining cum dribbles. All styles of sex.

Once we’d all relaxed a bit, I settled back onto my ankles and rested.

I still had a dick in each hand as I smiled up and thanked them.

That was intense, Katie, Mark said.

You were certainly in the zone today.


That guy I was chatting with got me smokinhot. The mindy project sex.

Awesome, Rob stated.

How about you let us have a short break and then you call him back and we can do this again?

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You know what? I think I will call him back in a bit.

But my dear husband will be home soon.

How about you two grab a cold one and relax on the deck. Xsamaraxx free online chinese sex webcam chat room.

When he gets here you can watch me do him, then maybe we could all fuck.

They seemed fully agreeable to my offer, after all, this wouldn’t be the first time the three of them had filled me up together.

I took my little skirt off so all that was left was my little lacy thong. Mila kunis sex friend.

I asked both of them to give it a squeeze so they could feel how wet my pussy was.

They both grinned and licked their fingers.

I hoped the scent of my juice made their dicks twitch.

We sat out on our fairly private deck for a few minutes, then I went back to check and see if my chat friend was still available.

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He was! Very excitedly he asked how the past little while had gone.

I was happy to let him know that I’d sucked and deep-throated Rob and Mark, and both had shot their hot juice into my mouth.

In fact, I told him I still hadn’t had a sip of anything because I was delighting in the taste of two cocks and cum loads. Justme4love28 www sex livechat.

I explained they were now relaxing on the outside deck, waiting for my husband so they could watch me suck him off next.

Now I was thinking maybe I’d take the chance of being seen by others and do it right out there on the deck.

New neighbors had moved in over the winter, and although we hadn’t met with them much, I'd noticed they had a very studly son that was just about to start college.

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Hmm!! It would be nice to add yet another new conquest.

Whether that might happen remained to be seen, however I knew for sure I was about to get every orifice penetrated by at least three fabulous hard cocks this afternoon.

Yum! The scene is a bus stop, a three sided, shallow structure with a roof and a bench. Camsex indo.

It's out in the country, near the end of a bus line created to bring commuters into the city.

In a few years, suburban housing might make it out this far but for now it's lightly populated.

It's the middle of the night, roughly eleven pm, faintly lighted with a single bulb. Porno laif.

One person sits in the shelter, a young man, perhaps twenty, twenty-one, years of age, dressed casually.

It's a warm night, around 16 degrees C.

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He's just sitting quietly, waiting.

Not unusually handsome but clean cut, a presentable, intelligent looking young man. Masturbation pussy webcam dildo.

A young woman, generally the same age as the man, walks out of the dark.

She's dressed for a party, dressed to impress.

A tight, short, black mini-skirt.

Cream coloured blouse, designed to show off her noticeable breasts.

Long, slim legs with medium high-heeled shoes which accentuate the curves of her muscles. Livesex adult.

Well groomed dark blond hair, slightly long, almost to her shoulders, around an attractive face.

Not beautiful but well made up.

Overall extremely appealing.

Hi, she says, sitting down on the bench at the other end from the young man.

Hi, he replies, looking a little surprised to see her at this place and at this time looking as dressed up as she is.

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I guess the next bus will be a while, won't it?" she asks.

I think so.

I don't really know.

But at this hour I can't imagine they run very often.

" he replies.

The girl exhales, leans back but can't seem to relax.

She puts her hands on her knees and looks around. Liltattoedlea free sex text chat with no registation.

She's quiet for a couple minutes, moving every few seconds into slightly different positions.

She exhales again.


"It figures," she finally says out loud, "Everything else has gone wrong so far.

" She's quiet again but fidgety.

She stands and takes a few steps then back again and sits again.

"This was going to be a big night, a great night, the best sex of my life, I've been looking forward to it for weeks, getting hornier and hornier, thinking about it, now here I am frustrated as Hell!" she says.

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The young man looks at her, watches her, but says nothing.

She gets up again and paces the sits back down again.

She spreads her legs and puts her hand up inside her very short skirt.

She moves it around some and then brings it back out.

I’m just so damn ready," she says, turning to the man and holding her hand out.

"Smell," she says. Free text chat sex talk no sign up real.

He leans toward her and gets his nose close to her fingers and sniffs.

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