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It was then that Mike calmly lifted his body up off Beth's and began to shoot his cum over her stomach and in between each of her tits.

Beth was stunned and dazed as she lay on the bed trying to regain her composure.

She then looked over at her husband who had already jacked off all over himself. Hilary duff sexsi.

He was in a world of his own as he just watched his wife of twelve years get fucked right in front of him.

It was twenty minutes later and Mike’s cock was again hard.

He now wanted Beth to ride his cock as he had her straddle herself above it.

She felt extremely aroused again as she lowered herself several inches down onto his big cock. Sexy sites.

She began to fuck Mike slowly at first as another intense orgasm began to build inside her.

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She was almost cumming at will for him as she cried out into another very intense orgasm.

This one rattled her body as she slammed herself down hard on his cock several times. Sexygirlxxxforyou single webcam adualt chat.

He ended up fucking her for several more minutes as she continued to ride his cock and the two of them kissed one another passionately on the lips.

He now wanted to fuck Beth in her favorite position and that was from behind.

Beth slowly got onto all fours on the center of the bed. Ingridblondy free web porno.

She looked out into the bedroom as her husband began to jack hard again on his own cock.

She felt the power of Mike’s strong hands as he positioned each of them on her beautiful ass.

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He then rammed his big manhood back into her as her body jerked forward. Tall sexy woman altamonte kumily.

She let out a hollowing scream as she felt enormous pleasure from Mike’s big cock.

She couldn’t believe how good it had felt as Mike’s cock hit the back of her pussy.

He fucked her good and hard from behind for several minutes as Beth again had one of the most intense orgasms of her life. Two way sex cam.

Her body nearly collapsed down on the bed as she screamed out Oh God, Oh God! over and over.

Mike continued to pound his big cock into Beth’s pussy until she could no longer take it.

Her body finally collapsed down onto the bed as another powerful orgasm was about to engulf her. Lisa lee sex.

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Mike not missing a beat, continued to fuck her hard on the bed as his body hovered over the top of Beth’s ass.

It was a short time later that Beth cried out again into another intense orgasm.

Mike obeying her wishes of not cumming inside her quietly lifted his body up off hers and began to cum all over her small tight ass. Judogirl webcam armenia xxx gratis.

Cum now covered Beth’s ass as she lay shuddering on the bed.

Mike had given her the fucking of her life as she had several explosive orgasms on his big cock.

The two of them recovered over the next hour.

Mike wanted to take Beth one more time before he left for the night. Brianna sex.

He pulled Beth’s petite body over to the side of the bed and pulled each of her legs high over his shoulders.

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He began to suck on each of her toes as he slipped his big cock back into her.

Beth instantly moaned out as she loved the way Mike sucked on each and every one of her toes. Cumxfaggots online video call sexi girls.

He then began to pummel her pussy again with his big cock.

She quickly was on the verge of cumming as Mike stared straight down at her lovely face.

He then held tightly onto Beth’s legs with both arms and began to fuck her really hard.

Beth quickly screamed out, Fuck me! Mature women fuck boy vid. Fuck me! You are going to make me cum! A few seconds later Beth cried out into another very intense orgasm.

Her body shook hard on the bed like never before as Mike gave it to her good and hard.

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He now pulled Beth’s body up onto his as she wrapped her arms and legs tightly around it. Gianabanks online live mom son sex video.

He held tightly onto Beth’s 110 pound body as he began to fuck her standing up in the center of the bedroom.

Beth cried out in total pleasure as he bounced her hard on his big cock for several minutes.

It was a short time later when Mike put Beth back down onto the edge of the bed. Sexy milf solo pics.

He had her flip over onto her stomach, as he wanted to fuck her in the ass.

Beth had let Steven fuck her in the ass on a few occasions in the past but this was going to be totally different with Mike’s big nine inch cock.

He held Beth tightly down on the bed with both hands and began to push his nine inch cock into her tight little ass.

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Beth screamed out as her body began to go nuts on Mike’s cock.

He fucked Beth for a good few minutes in the ass as she was closing in on a very powerful orgasm.

It was a few seconds later Beth began to scream out loudly.

She had a very intense orgasm as her body shuddered hard on the bed. Porno gimnastki.

Mike now had several inches of his big cock buried deep inside her ass.

She cried out like never before as Mike continued to shove his big cock deeper into her ass.

It was then a few minutes later that Mike pulled his cock out of Beth’s ass and had her flip back over onto her back.

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