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She struggled, but it was nothing to him.

He caught both of her wrists and pinned her to the wooden resistance in her back.

Let me go, she yelled, pushing and kicking against him.

Say the password, and you’re out of here, he hissed at her.

She fought him, struggled, and even tried to kick him. Smirnova_ web pakistani sex.

He understood that she wasn’t going to say it, that it was not she wanted or needed.

He was a tall, very strong and quick man, both mentally and physically.

She was small, much smaller than him.

No match.

He now smiled at her, a smile somewhere between amused and dangerous. Nude in webcam.

Okay then… go for it, he said and then pushed her to the floor, where he immediately grabbed her again, pinning her down with all of his weight.

She found that her moves and breathing were hindered and blocked by his weight; yet she fought him.

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There was no more limit now; she used all of what she had. Free tamil sex vidiyo.

She used the fact that she was small to try and slip out from under him, managed to turn around; she tried to kick him, to bite him, to scratch him, pull her wrists out of his grip.

He held on.

It lasted for as long as it had to, which was a long time.

She pretended to give up once; relaxing her body under his and hoping he would do the same. Valerie rogers s webcam.

He did slightly; but when she tried to use this in her favour and tried once again to get out and away from him, he was much too fast.

Too fast, not to be manipulated, strong.

Everything she liked about him.

He wasn’t trying not to hurt her; his grip was like iron around her arms. Free sex text chat with out member ship.

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She would admire the marks for days and days afterwards.

When you’re done, say it.

Say 'I give up, I submit', he said.

His words made her angrier still.

She used this moment to get up all of her anger, against him and the rest of the world as well as the pride of her independence; her person; her dignity; and her darkness, her own need for an exorcism. Sexy games with your partner.

It flew out of her like a wave and she struggled and fought him even harder.

Her muscles started to tremble from the effort she was mustering up and then she had to let go and just lay there, trying to avoid his gaze.

Say it, he said.

It was unusual for him to repeat an order. Afinka free lebisan sexting.

His voice was a reminder of who he was.

And who she was.

And how she was going to pay for this behaviour.

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Again she tried to fight him off, but by now, he anticipated each move she made and resisted or pushed her back on the ground which got more and more painful. Lesbian sex mistress.

She fought until there was nothing left in her.

Her body and her voice were shaking as she became herself again.

Saying it was hard, she had to breathe in and start several times.

I give up, Sir.

I submit.

I’m sorry… The blackness of her emotions, the anger and the confusion had left. Sex tease web sites.

He hadn’t let go of her yet, watching her closely.

Now that she had said the words he had required, her body relaxed completely, he could see submission coming back into her expression; the submission he loved so much and meant total surrender to him.

She couldn’t stand his gaze.

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This had been her personal demons and she knew she hadn’t done right.

She lowered her eyes, avoiding his gaze.

I’m sorry, sir, I don’t… she tried to explain.

Shut up, slut, he cut in.

You are not allowed to talk until I tell you to.

She nodded as a sign to let him know she had understood. World sexiest hardcore clip.

He got off from her.

She started to miss him as soon as he stood up.

His gaze was still on her, hard.

She sat up.

Her whole body ached and trembled.

Come on over here.

He motioned the spot they had been in before.

The bed and the table with all of her toys and his material. Bone me daily mature sex gallery.

Scary and exiting material.

She got up, but felt his disapproval.

He wanted her on all fours, not upright.

She got down on her knees, worried about the blow or the blows that were going to fall.

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I’m going to add these to the rest, she heard him say.

And she crawled over to where pain, play with her limits and pleasure was waiting for her. Free sex chat cairns.

On her knees still, she was waiting for him and his orders.

He positioned himself behind her.

And began by spanking her.

Slowly, methodically, like he always did.

She barely realised the first couple of blows but then, the heat and the repeated blows started mounting, getting into her brain, rolling over her until she was only painful skin and nerves; expecting the next blow. Online sexy girl.

Once, a long time ago, she had asked him, Doesn’t your hand hurt you when you this? I mean, I get the blows, but you also get some pain, no? And he had smiled at her and answered, That’s why I have two hands.

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She could tell now by the different angles that he changed hands. Women memphis wanting sex.

She covered her head with her hands and hoped that it would be over soon.

When it was over, she didn’t dare to look up; she remained on her knees, expecting his next order.

It didn’t come.

She peaked up at him; half fearing that she had gone too far, that he was leaving. Hungary sex chat.

He was sitting in a chair, relaxed, looking calmly at her.

She crawled over to him and began to lick his feet, symbolic for her position.

She didn’t mind doing it anymore.

Didn’t mind the orders he would give her and that were incomprehensible to her logic. Sex chat tips 5 free.

Didn’t question the fact that she was his slut, his bitch and his altogether; existing to serve him.

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As she rose higher, she hardly dared leaning her arms on his legs.

When she had arrived at his cock (his amazing, incredible cock full of wonders for her), she sucked him into her mouth, slowly. Skyline webcam.

He put his hand on her head, guiding her slightly.

You know I’m going to have to punish you for this, he said.

She nodded slightly.

He seemed to be thinking.

Get on the bed then, he ordered.

And she did.

He walked over to her and blindfolded her; and then directed her to get on her knees. Webcam japanese porn.

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