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At least I had a good meal, along with a glass of wine.

As we were finishing, Dave told me we were going to the town centre to look around the shopping mall.

That meant him finding more opportunities to make me show all that I could.

We walked the short distance to the mall, Dave ignoring the lift (elevator) and insisting on us using the escalator to the upper floor. Camaliyavip new tamil usa skybe android cam sex videos.

Halfway up I looked round to see about eight men stood on the lower stairs and enjoying the sight of my exposed rear.

We wandered around the shops, just browsing.

Then Dave had the idea that I needed a new pair of shoes.

I tried telling him I had enough, but he insisted, and dragged me into a shoe store, a very nice up-market one with chairs for customers to sit on while trying on the shoes, and store assistants to look for the desired style, colour, and size, and to help you try on the footwear.

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He told me to see if I could find something nice with heels, maybe a sandal, then left me to the mercies of the assistants while he looked around, pretending he was not with me.

I found one that I liked, and an assistant, Jan, mid-twenties and blonde if you must know, rushed over to take the single shoe from me, vanishing into the back room to find its mate. Porno anal kaylani lei.

When Jan came back, she kneeled in front of me, ignoring my assurances that I could manage, and insisted on helping me to remove my knee boots.

They are not too easy to remove, and she had to put some effort into it, raising my leg in the process, and so seeing quite clearly that I was not wearing anything under the dress.

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I was expecting shock or outrage at the discovery.

What I got was Jan smiling, then "accidentally" sliding her hand high up my inner thigh, almost to my wet pussy, as she helped remove the second boot.

When putting the sandals on, she took every opportunity to raise my leg higher than needed, smiling each time she managed to expose my naked slit to her view. T rkischer pornostar.

She helped me stand, a hand pressing against my bottom as she did so, then casually running fingers along the hem, stroking my exposed buttocks.

By now I was squirming and could see Dave off to one side, enjoying the show.

After walking in the sandals for a few moments. Live webcam guys.

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I decided I might as well have them, and told her they were fine.

She took them off for me, and would not hear of me putting my boots on by myself, taking great trouble to raise each leg high before sliding the boot on, then rubbing gently all the way up and beyond to smooth them to my legs. Fetishcouple online gay sex videowebsite confidently.

Before letting me stand, she slipped a card into my hand.

"My personal phone number is on the back," she whispered, "call me next time you come to town alone and want some company.

" I smiled at her, and once standing, kissed her softly on her lips.

"I may well do that, Jan," I told her quietly, "Thank you.

" One thing Dave never knew about me back then was that, while I was totally faithful to him regarding men, only having those men he approved of and encouraged me to enjoy with him as part of a threesome, as far as I was concerned I was free to enjoy what women I wanted, without him ever knowing I was bi.

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As we left the store after he had paid for the shoes, he asked me, "What was that all about?" "What was what about?" I said, playing dumb.

"The kiss, you kissed that assistant," he told me.

"Oh that, " I smiled, "she had been very sweet and helpful, I was just saying thanks. Blowjob webcam porn.

It is what we women do.

" He seemed satisfied with that reply and so let it drop.

After all, it had been his idea to go in there.

We walked around a little more, looking in shop windows, and wondering if we needed coffee, which we did.

We found a coffee shop, one of a chain that has deep low sofas and armchairs scattered around, and went in for a drink. Sex with grannny.

This time, Dave led us to the sofa, putting our drinks onto a table nearby, before sitting down.

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As soon as I started to sit, I realised it was lower than I had thought, and I overbalanced, landing in the seat with a bump, my knees high and open as I squirmed to sit more upright. Tigress99999 usa aunty online sex.

God knows how many got to enjoy that little display, but it was clear from the smiles on some faces that they at least had seen what was on offer.

At least by crossing my legs, I was able to hide most of what I had, even if it did mean showing most of my bottom. Skinlkwinter free virtual sex webcam.

After the drinks, I had the fun of standing up again, preferably without giving half the town a display of bum and pussy.

It took some squirming around but I managed it, limiting the show to just a few sightings of my bare butt.

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On the way back to the car, we were passing a side street, when Dave stopped me, then turned to walk down the road. Christinejoy www live sex bonga cam.

I could not understand why we were going along this street, there was nothing I could see apart from a newsagent's, the corner shop, "we sell everything" type of combined newsagents, post office, tobacconists and sweet shop.

It was quite a decent sized shop for a little back street, and I could see several customers going in and out even as we walked towards it.

"What are we looking for?" I asked Dave, "anything special?".

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