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One hand holds my hip to keep me in place as the other grabs my breast and squeezes.

What the fuck did you just say to me? I don’t think I heard you right, you say in a demanding voice.

Well then let me make it as clear as possible, I say in a sarcastic tone. Mature women looking to fuck jebraye.

NO is what I said, do you need me to write it down for you? Now let go of me I can feel your whole body tense behind me.

The hand that is on my hip moves into my hair and you grab a hand full.

Your other hand travels to the strap of my dress.

You defiant little bitch! Sex4lovers free sax video calling chet. If you don’t strip now I will rip this fucking dress off and teach you a lesson that you will never forget!

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You move the strap so that it falls down my arm.

Between your hand pulling my hair and your words I can feel my body responding to you, but I refuse to give in. Teen boy cam sex.

Tonight we will play out one of both our fantasies.

I step away from you but don’t get far with your hand in my hair.

You release me as I turn to face you.

I back up another couple of feet because I know I am about to cross a line that I have never crossed before. Mrs steele my first sex teacher.

Fuck you Dominic! I will not submit to you tonight I tell you as I put my strap back in place.

The look in your eyes makes me instantly wet and I can tell the moment you have caught up to me and what I am doing.

This is something that we have discussed many times and as my Dom you have waited until I was ready.

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As you slowly start to make you way towards me I can see your cock making his presence known in your pants.

I own you! You are MY fucking whore! And you will submit or I will make you! As you reach for me I move and push your arm away.

You can try and make me but it is not going to happen, I tell you. Porno xxxcamchat.

I take a quick look around the room and I am glad that this time we got a suite.

We are going to need it.

That quick look around the room costs me, because you take advantage of me taking my eyes off you and close in on me.

By the time my eyes make it back to you, your arms are closing in around me. Webcam girls strip.

I try to duck but you are ready for that and you pick me up.

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I start to struggle in your arms trying to get you to lose your grip on me.

You turn and make your way across the room to the bed.

Put me the fuck down NOW Dominic! I yell Oh I am going to put you down alright whore! Rocsi79 webcam. You literally throw me on the bed.

As I am bouncing on the bed you reach for our bag of toys.

I’m going to show you what happens to MY whore when she is this defiant.

I sit up and pull my dress back down.

God I can feel my juices starting to run down the crack of my ass. Fucking black mommy.

I swing my feet over the bed and start to stand.

Not tonight I said I don’t get half way up before your arm closes around my waist and pulls me back down to the bed.

Your hand reaches up my dress and you quickly feel my pussy juices making sure that I am comfortable as well as turned on.

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With the reassurance of my pussy juice you bring your hand back down to my thigh and look at me.

Yes tonight, and any other fucking time I want! you say.

My hands go to your hand that is on my thigh and I push it away.

As you squeeze harder I grab one of your fingers and pull it back causing you to let go of me. Sex chat without no registration.

I move fast and get up on one side of the bed.

You stand on the other.

I watch you as you put the bag on the bed.

You slowly open it looking at me.

Reaching in you pull out a leather paddle that I have never seen before.

The handle is made of plastic and the paddle itself is 12 inches long and 5 inches wide.

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Would you like me to use that paddle on you darling? I ask you.

Oh no sweetheart, I bought this just for you, you tell me.

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