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Neither one or them had ever kissed another woman before except for their moms.

They both liked it so much that they made out for about 2 minutes before anything was said.

"Our moms must really like this," Julie said.

"I think we do too," Tessa replied as she leaned up. Cristy_copper online sex vedio chating.

She slowly took off her pajama top with her back to Julie.

Tessa was not wearing a bra, so as you can imagine, Julie's panties were as wet as an ocean.

Then Tessa slowly began taking off her bottoms too, and let Julie see her panties.

As Tessa was just in her panties, she got up and looked at herself in the mirror.

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All this did was make them both hornier, so Julie got up and got right behind Tessa.

Julie slowly wrapped her arms around Tessa and put her hands onto her small A-cup boobs.

Julie slowly caressed Tessa's boobs for about 5 minutes until Tessa turned around to kiss Julie once again. Ua bembridge married woman fuck.

They made out for a minute, and then Tessa's hands went down to Julie's bottoms.

She pushed them down just a little for Julie's panties to be exposed.

"You know, I'm not a lesbian, but after seeing our moms fucking, I think you are hot Julie," Tessa said. Live sexy tv chanal.

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Tessa kissed her again and then got down on her knees pulling Julie's bottoms down further in the process.

She stood back up and pulled off her top as well.

Julie didn't let Tessa have the opportunity to take off her bra, she did that all on her own.

Julie had B-cup tits, and then they pressed their boobs together.

"Damn, how the hell do you have B-cups, it's not fair," Tessa said.

"Well, I'm just enjoying your boobs right now, so enjoy the feeling my dear friend," Julie replied. Petite sex teen com.

As both young ladies were just in their panties, they just pressed their boobs together and loved the feeling.

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This was all new territory for both of them and they just seemed to be liking it more and more as time went by.

Eventually Tessa pushed Julie onto the bed, Julie was surprised, but liked it. Hot girl show webcam.

Tessa just got down on her knees and came towards Julie.

She put her hands at the top of Julie's panties and slowly pulled them off her, leaving her completely naked.

She didn't even take a minute to admire Julie's naked body, she just leaned down towards Julie's pussy and began eating her out.

"Oh Tessa, yes," Julie said. Tamil skadespelerska sri divya javla nakna sexiga falska videoklipp.

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They both immediately got worked up and sweaty, it was a whole new world that just opened up to both of them all of the sudden.

Tessa spread out Julie's pussy lips as far as they would go right away and stuck her tongue deep inside her best friend's pussy. Samantha jones sex videos.

She was merciless with Julie, she was loving eating her pussy and she couldn't get enough to save her life.

As Tessa was discovering just how much she liked pussy, they got an audience.

Valerie and Gina were just in their bra and panties watching them.

"I guess it's mother like daughter," Gina whispered.

"No kidding, your daughter definitely knows how to eat pussy," Valerie whispered back.

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They had no idea that their kids were fucking, but they were not surprised at all.

They figured they probably left out too many signs, so it was gonna happen sooner or later.

Suddenly both mom's hands found their ways into their panties.

They were just inches apart as both of them masturbated to their daughters having sex. Webcamsex android.

Tessa reached up and put her hands onto Julie's boobs, she loved the feel of her rack.

Valerie and Gina kissed each other numerous times in the seconds before Julie began screaming.

She moaned as loudly as she could and sprayed Tessa's face with her womanly juices.

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It was drenched and so were both Gina's and Valerie's panties, that was when they closed the door and went back to Gina's room.

The young ladies had no idea their moms saw them, they were in their own world.

Tessa climbed up on top of Julie and laid her lips on Julie's. Trisha sex tamil video.

They made out for about 5 minutes before they could possibly get out even a single word, but they didn't need to actually say anything.

They were saying everything by making out with each other.

They both had their eyes closed the whole time, but they eventually opened them and broke their very long kiss.

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