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Perhaps you should be on your knees begging him," Mr.

Cramer said.

Amy sat up and finished shedding her blouse and bra as Mr.

Hernandez pulled his wet, sticky fingers from her pussy.

Amy dropped to her knees on the floor in front of the janitor.

She wrapped her arms around his leg, "Please Mr. Skyline webcam app.

Hernandez, I am so sorry I teased you.

Please fuck me, please.

" she said, as she looked up at him.

She rubbed her starving pussy on his boot as she begged him, showing him how much she needed satisfaction.


Hernandez looked up at Mr.

Cramer who just shook his head back and forth. Tamanna hot sex photos.


Cramer grabbed a handful of her hair and hauled her head back.

"Beg harder slut! I've seen better begging from a street corner pan-handler!" Mr.

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Cramer spat, "You are going to have to do a lot better than that if you want that dirty slut pussy of yours filled!" "Ohhh fuck! Valeryhott free live online fuck sex video chat with me. Please Mr.

Hernandez, please fuck me, please, please!" she screamed, "Fuck me, fuck this dirty slut.

Ohhh God, fuck me now!" "Well, that's a little better.

I can see we are going to have to work on your begging and pleading.

Meantime, I think it would be a good idea if, instead of this weak excuse at begging, you showed Mr. Porno video 4at.

Hernandez your sincerity.

" Mr.

Cramer said.

Keeping her eyes on Mr.

Hernandez, Amy reached up and began unfastening his belt and trousers.




" Amy kept repeating as she worked to relieve the janitor of his pants and boxers.

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The pleading look of desperation in the girl's face proved the genuineness of her need. Super6321 chat bot sex bot text mobile.

Amy was covered now in a fine sheen of sweat and her perfect makeup was beginning to run, her mascara leaving back trails down her soft cheeks.

Her well-cared for hair was also in disarray - a tousled mess, looking more like a bird's nest than a hairstyle. Real free webcams.

Topless and kneeling in front of Mr.

Hernandez, now with his cock out, she did indeed look like some cheap street corner whore.


Hernandez, the school janitor now stood in front of Amy, his cock hard and fully erect.

He had watched as Mr.

Cramer had physically and verbally tormented her, reducing her to a groveling cock-crazed slut wanting nothing more than to be stuffed with a hard cock in any way they wanted.

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He was more than willing to satisfy her cock hunger too.

Amy reached for the hard meatpole in front of her and just as she did, Mr.

Cramer grabbed her roughly by the hair yanking her back and gave her face a hard, stinging slap.

"You don't just take what you want, you ill-mannered fuckslut! Naked sexy asians having sex. What is wrong with you? Now, ask Mr.

Hernandez nicely if you can suck his cock!" he said, slapping her again.

"I'm sorry, Sir! Please Mr.

Hernandez, please may I suck your cock? May I suck your big beautiful cock, please?" she begged.

"That's more like it slut," he said, releasing her hair after giving it a little forward tug. Big boobs free webcam.


Hernandez had no more got the words "Yes slut, suck my cock!" than Amy had inhaled his stiff, throbbing tool and was devotedly bobbing her head up and down as she sucked greedily on the janitor's member.


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Mike you were right, this little slut is good at this!" Mr. Voice sex chat free.

Hernandez said with a big smile on his face.

"Yeah she isn't bad for a beginner, but she has a lot to learn yet.

That's ok though, I have got a lot of time to get her properly educated!" Mr.

Cramer said.

The two men chuckled as Amy continued gobbling his cock, listening to them talk about her and getting more and more turned on. Chatroulette sexy faee.

She prided herself on her cocksucking skills, and hearing the two men saying how good she was at it, and that she would get lots more practice at it, made her pussy even wetter than it already was.

Amy was thoroughly enjoying herself and was happily slurping at the cock in her mouth, but Mr.

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Cramer had more for her to do.

Suddenly he reached down and grabbed Amy by the hair again "Oww!!" she cried out as Mr.

Cramer hauled her to her feet by her hair.

"Quiet, slut! Mr.

Hernandez here wants more from you than just some half-assed blowjob!" Mr.

Cramer growled, "He has set his work aside to come here today. Free skyp sex shows.

The least you can do is make it worth his effort!" "Yes Sir," Amy said, wondering what he meant by his words.

"Now you have already shown him you can suck cock.

But I'll bet that slutty little pussy of yours is feeling awfully neglected, isn't it?" Mr.

Cramer said, as he lifted her up and set her on his desk facing Mr. Sexalesa13 privat sex chat video.


"Oh yes Sir!

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Oh, my poor pussy is so hungry, it wants a hard cock buried deep inside it, Sir!" Amy said, as she opened her legs invitingly.

"That does sound terrible!" he said mockingly as he began once again teasing and fingering her ravenous pussy.

"Oh yes, I can see how hungry your pussy is, slut. Sex and fuck married lady hamlyn terrace.

See how it sucks at my fingers? It wants to be fed.

fed some nice hard, thick, cock!" "Ohhhh God yes, Sir! Please, please fuck me.


" Amy cried, her body shaking with need.

"Let's see what we can do about that hungry hole shall we?" Mr.

Cramer said, pushing her onto her back on the desktop. Free sex nudeweb.

He lifted her legs up, "Hold those legs up slut, so Mr.

Hernandez can get to that slutty little pussy," he instructed her.

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