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I had no idea what this meant.

That evening I made a half hearted attempt to clean my room up.

But this is simply not something a 14 year old can keep her mind on for long.

The phone rang and I chatted away with a girlfriend for quite awhile.

After the call I simply grew distracted and left the job about a quarter complete. Borshets free indin sex cam chat.

The next day I got home from school without even thinking about the ultimatum.

Well clearly Aunt Clare had.

She started in on me immediately hollering and threatening me.

I was very taken aback, my parents were simply not like this.

Get over here! she demanded and slowly I crossed to where she was sitting on the couch. Women wanting to fuck com.

Sit right here next to me.

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You are going to learn to obey and I’m the one to teach you, she said sternly.

I sat down and she quickly pushed me across her lap, rump up in the air.

You’ll take this punishment like proper young lady, I want no crying or whimpering. Nikki bella sexy hot pics.

You’ve earned this with your disobedience! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! I gasped as she struck me.

I simply couldn’t believe she was spanking me, I mean, I was too old for this!!! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK!! I moaned in pain as each strike hit the same spot on my left cheek. Fat webcam tube.

I said, to take it quietly and like a lady, she insisted.

I simply couldn’t help myself, the shock and pain were too much.

Tears had formed in my eyes and were rolling down my cheeks.

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I hadn’t been spanked since I was 3 or 4 and even then it was just a swat. Marielameliam sunny leone sex live cam.

I just couldn’t believe it! Aunt Clare saw my tears and rolled her eyes.

I can’t believe you think this is that bad, she said.

You need a real punishment.

She pushed me up off her lap and quickly undid my jeans.

The next thing I knew they were down around my ankles and I was back across her lap with my naked rear end sticking up into the air. Hot sexy redhead milf.

CRACK!CRACK!CRACK! I squirmed in agony, my ass on fire.

P-p-p-please stop! I’ll clean my room! Honest I will, right now!!! Aunt Clare paused, Really? But your bottom is just turning pink.

This is hardly enough punishment considering your disrespect and out and out disobeying of my direct order.

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She started spanking me in earnest now, left, right, left, right, over and over.

Each smack wasn’t particularly hard but the effect was cumulative.

She hit each cheek in turn and then worked her way to my upper thighs, alternating sides.

My bright red ass grew hotter and hotter and the tears flowed down my face in a torrent. Olivia-estrel live sex guys.

The pain was bad enough.

But the humiliation was even worse.

Slowly I realized that my legs had separated and she could see between them.

In a fit of embarrassment I squeezed them closed.

But my Aunt was stronger.

She reached between them and pulled them even further apart. College sex hidden camera.

I was completely exposed to her.

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I’m not sure what you think you were doing young lady, but a spanking needs to be thorough.

These areas between your legs are very tender and this will help you remember to mind your superior.

Crack, her hand came down on my inner thigh. Boy cams sex.

The effect was electric, I couldn’t believe the pain.

I had never been hit there.

She then hit the other side and my thighs were twins of agony.

I moaned and cried, begging her to stop.

We’re not even close to being finished young lady! she cried and continued methodically working the area over. Live sex xxx indian.

At that point in my development I had been having periods for a couple of years.

My pubic hair was trimmed neatly as I was on the swim team and couldn’t risk having stragglers hanging out during practice or meets.

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Aunt Clare went to work in this area and soon both my vagina and asshole were very warm and swollen from the slapping. Sexy black dresses online.

It hurt tremendously but it started to feel warm and moist too.

I was confused, crying and feeling strange.

Now at this age I had experimented with masturbation.

I knew that touching myself could feel good but I also suffered from youthful inexperience.

I had no idea what an orgasm was and I had been warned by my parents that touching myself there was dirty. Myah monroe fucking gifs.

So I had never pressed the point and other than a general sense of feeling good when I touched myself there, I had not pursued this further.

Aunt Clare must have noticed because I saw her take her spanking hand and wipe some moisture from it onto her jeans.

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I was embarrassed as I though this meant that I was dirty and unclean.

This feeling grew as I saw her briefly hold her hand up to her nose and inhale.

I was ashamed.

Suddenly she burst out, I think you are enjoying this young lady, is that true? I stammered not really knowing how to respond. Women looking for sex in hartford connecticut.

N-n-n-no Ma’am.

Please stop, I’ll clean my room now, I gasped.

Oh I think so.


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