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I turned to face him and we kissed, Aztec's taste still on my lips.

They both pushed closer against me after taking my pants off.

Aztec's cock was now inside my undies, rubbing softly up and down my cheek.

His warm breath engulfed the back of my neck as he slid his hands on the inside of each of my thighs, spreading my legs open gently. Petite teen sex.

Before I knew it, I was on the bed, laying on my back on top of Aztec, who still had his hands between my legs.

He was tracing soft shapes around my inner thigh, his cock rubbing against my pussy as Ryan teased my already-hard nipples.


" I moaned, choked by pleasure.

"More," I pleaded. No membership sexy chat nline.

Aztec pulled my legs as wide as he could, having me completely exposed to Ryan, who was now hovering over me, staring at every inch of my body, pulling my undies aside as he began to trace soft, slow kisses down my chest, torso, tummy.

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I wiggled, trying to close my legs, my cheeks flushing pink as I arched my back.

"No," Aztec's calm voice whispered in my ear as his hands forced my legs to stay open. Wonder woman porno.

Ryan smiled, looking up at us, his lips softly tracing over my pelvis, moving lower and lower.

"I can't," I moaned, thrusting my hips up lightly.

"Heh," I heard Ryan say, blowing cold air on my lower lips before gently poking his nose against my hole.

He teased, running his tongue up and down my lips, over my clit before sucking it into his mouth, biting softly, sliding down to my welcoming, throbbing hole. Free cam sex app.

I turned my head gently, to happily find Aztec's lips right where I had hoped they would be.

Farting girls sex online. Ryan

We kissed, wrestling with our tongues, his hands still keeping my legs open as Ryan moved in closer and closer to me.

I could now feel his warm breath against my wetness and I moaned, sending vibrations through Aztec's mouth. Sexy girls cam.

Ryan's palms were now working my lips apart before sucking at them, sucking at the opening.

My moans were getting louder, more intense and before I knew it, Ryan was guiding Aztec's cock inside of me.

I whined at the pain of him ripping me open, his enormous cock sliding quickly inside, not letting me adjust.

"How do you like that, baby?" Ryan groaned.

"How do you like having my best friend fuck you?" I screamed, a combination of pain and pleasure as Ryan got up on his knees and leaned over me, pressing his lips to mine.

Farting girls sex online. Ryan
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I kissed back, switching from Ryan's to Aztec's lips over and over, smiling and moaning as Ryan was rubbing the tip of his cock over my clit.

"Think it will fit?" he asked, looking past me.

"No, dude, she'll break," I heard Aztec answer and I knew what they were talking about. Girl sexual fantasy stories.

I looked up at Ryan, a bit of terror in my eyes as a smile erupted on his perfect face.

"Baby!" I said, a bit louder than necessary.

"You can't, you just can't!" But it was too late.

The determination on his face was absolutely clear.

I wiggled in attempt to get away, pushing Ryan off with my hands, clawing at him before Aztec stopped my me, holding my fists in his gently, his legs wrapping around mine, holding me down.

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I watched Ryan take a bottle of lube and apply a generous amount to his cock before rubbing some against my opening, while Aztec was pulling and pushing me up and down his body lightly, trying to get deeper inside of me.

The tip of Ryan's cock shined and I closed my eyes, relaxing, trying to focus only on the pleasure given to me by Aztec. Cam clip dump sexy video web.

Ryan positioned his cock at my entrance, pushing slowly, and I felt sharp stings surrounding my hole.

I gripped Aztec's hand tighter, my nails digging lightly into his flesh as Ryan pushed harder and harder, kissing over my neck and chest over and over until his whole length was inside of me. Kayena94 free gay webcam shows.

Farting girls sex online. Ryan

I yelped, moaned and yelped again as he started pushing in and out of me.

Their cocks were sucked in together, my hole trying to desperately dilate enough to where pain turns into pleasure.

Aztec groaned, Ryan moaned and I wrapped my legs around his waist, pulling him harder against me. Montpelier vermont area fuck buddies.

Moans were escaping my lips over and over; I was thrusting my hips softly back and forth while kissing on Ryan's neck, shoulder and chest before switching to Aztec's manly features.

"I'm gonna.

" Ryan whispered in my ear before pulling out, rubbing his thick shaft quietly as white goo spurted onto my tummy and chest. Kerala real life sex videos.

Aztec quickly switched positions, pushing me on my back and getting on top of me, pushing my knees up to my chest as he started thrusting in and out of me fast.

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Ryan was now kneeling by my head, making me clean up his semi-hard cock.

I pushed the tip of my tongue along the tip before pulling his whole shaft in, sucking softly, moaning. I fucked seduced my dad.

I've always loved the feeling of Ryan's cock in my mouth, but now that Aztec was watching, I was enjoying myself even more.

As Aztec was pumping quickly in and out of me, shaking the bed and playing with my small, firm breasts, Ryan was pulling out of my mouth and bending down to kiss me. Sex stories snapchat.

After, he switched to the other bed quietly, opened up the blankets and slid between the covers.

He was asleep within seconds.

Aztec, on the other hand was nowhere close to being done.

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