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After Ray's phone call, I started my search on Craigslist for a chick with a dick.

I found several in the local area, sending them all an email.

The next day, I received an email from Crystal, a thirty-five year-old transvestite with silicone breasts.

Crystal lived about thirty miles from the town I was living in. Sport sex xvideo.

Crystal provided her phone number to call confirming our meeting arrangements.

When I called her, it rang six times, and I wondered if I had the correct phone number.

Finally, when someone answered the phone, I said, "Crystal, Roger.

" Crystal answered in a low, soft whisper, "Oh, hi sweetie; so nice of you to call.

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What can I do for you?" Not wanting to catch her at a bad time, so I asked, "Crystal, is this a good time to talk?" Crystal replied, "Sure Roger; I just got out of bed and fixed my first cup of coffee.

" The conversation was going as planned, I continued, "So, are you OK meeting Ray and me on Friday night?" Crystal stretching her words, "Oh yes sweetie; both of my holes loved to be filled.

" I began to be excited about having a threesome with Ray and Crystal, but needed to check one thing, not sure how to ask I blurted, "Crystal, do you charge when you meet someone?" Crystal replied, "Oh no sweetie; I am always free.

" Glad that Crystal was not a professional, and that she was what Ray was seeking, I replied, "Great Crystal, Ray and I are not looking for a professional, just someone who likes to meet men and indulge in some fun.

" Crystal responded, "I love having fun, and with the two of you, there are more possibilities.

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I am versatile.

Why don't you two meet me at my place, where I keep my things?" Crystal said with a playful sound in her voice.

Crystal continues, "Now Ray is the straight guy who wants to fuck me and you are a bottom which likes to give head?" I responded, "Yes that sums it up and I also like to give head.

" The meeting scheduled for seven PM at Crystal's house on Friday night. Hot with girl fuckingguys.

I sent Ray a text message giving him Crystal's facts.

'Thirty-five TV, 40D, seven inches cut, versatile.

' Crystal provided a photograph that showed that she has large silicone boobs and a male member, a chick with something extra.

Camera inside of the sex. Crystal

Ray was all excited about meeting Crystal. Deaf free sex cam.

The plan to meet as threesome was set.

On the Thursday evening, Ray called saying, "Roger, bad news, my meeting has been postponed.

I now will be arriving on Monday.

" I said, "No problem Ray, I will reschedule.

" I called Crystal to update her on the change of Ray's arrival date. Free petite sex videos.

She apologized, but she was going to be out of town on Monday and could not change her plans.

I called Ray back, and I told him, "Ray; Crystal will be out of town on Monday night.

She cannot change her plans.

Looks likes is going to be, you and me.

" Ray, in an upset and loud voice, said, "Roger, you will come up with another She-male.

" Taken aback from his outburst and demand, I said, "I have tried, I can not find one available.

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I did find one, but she wants two hundred dollars an hour.

Ray retorted, "I am not paying for anyone's service; I desire to meet a cock sucking she-male slut, or cross-dresser will do.

" I apologized for not being able to meet his needs, "I have looked on Squirt and on Craigslist, and I'm telling you on short notice, I can't find someone.

" I started to be perturbed with his demand, and in frustration, I said, "Look, what you asking me to do, wear pantyhose for you?" Ray paused, with a devilish sound in his voice he said, "Yeah, you do that, you dress up for me.

" I was jesting; I was not inclined to play dress up for anyone, not even Ray.

Camera inside of the sex. Crystal
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I tried to talk my way out of his demands.

I said in protest, "Right, What are you kidding? I have never dressed, ever.

You have to be crazy to see me in pantyhose.

Ray, I don't own any pantyhose to wear.

" Ray insisted, "Well, go out and buy some pantyhose. Small asian women sex gif porn.

While you are at it, get a matching bra and panty set.

Make it something sexy.

" I continued to offer every objection not to dress, but Ray continued to press the demand.

Resigned by his persistence, I agreed, "Well all right; I will find pantyhose, panties, and a bra.

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