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Something was invading Stan’s personal space.

He didn’t know what it was but he knew who it was.


Stan didn’t like it.

He’d heard about witches getting into people’s heads and he’d seen witches head-hop just before he cut theirs off.

Some called it ‘Headology’. Machine fucking porn.

He hadn’t realized that the phrase was so… descriptive.

He tried to resist but the thing inside just grabbed him around the throat and held him against the inside of his skull as it continued to search.

He needed to kill the bitch right this instant.

But he found that he couldn’t move. Sexy rachel riley.

Stan watched in horror as the thing flicked through what passed as his soul like a Filofax.

It was exploring him, finding-out how he worked.

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Sensations came and went.

Tastes, heat, cold.

Stan gasped as the tightest, hottest, wettest pussy he’d ever imagined slid down onto his cock. Webcam girls vk video.

He could feel it pulsing, milking pleasure from his manhood.

It made his claws curl.

His eyeballs were still responsive and he looked down but there was nothing there.

His trousers were still fastened, and he could see the impressive mound of his cock.

It was twitching in response to the phantom pussy that was sliding up and down it. Sexy chicks photos.

But other than that, there was nothing unusual about its appearance.

Then the world disappeared and was replaced by something weird and wonderful.

The images flashed past so quickly that he couldn’t comprehend them.

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Occasionally they paused, like someone scanning through a free newspaper and finding a story they liked the look of. Brandywhite s bio and free webcam.

They were his fantasies.

And other things even better than fantasies.


His wildest dreams.

Forgotten dreams.

There was no sensation of time.

But he was beginning to feel tired.

Sick as well.

His brain simply couldn’t cope with what was happening.

His biological CPU was overheating. Channelxxx webcam xxx com malaysia.

The quantity of information was too much.

If whatever was happening to him didn’t stop soon, Stan had a feeling that his current body would be permanently damaged.

He didn’t care about the body as such, although he had developed something of a soft-spot for it given that it had proved to be such a hit with pretty young women.

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They would do anything for him while he was in this body.

Apparently it had more than a passing resemblance to a popular music star.

Stan was prepared to put up with being called ‘Justin’ if the girls in question would let him bury his cock in their backsides for an hour or two. Shantall_sexy free lesbian live cams no sign up.

Then the flickering stopped.

It was that girl off the television: Lauren.

The one who did the weather in the morning.

Only she wasn’t doing the weather.

She was naked, straddling his lap, feeding his cock into her pussy.

It was really happening.

Each and every one of his startled senses reported back the same confirmation. Women looking for casual sex.

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She was really there with him.

Her soft naked body was pressing against his.

There was a faint scent of citrus which got stronger as Stan pushed his face into the nape of her neck.

His lips touched her skin and he tasted the sourness of her perfume… but also the soap residue from a hurried shower. Sexy petite sweaters.

There were no inconsistencies.

He was fucking his favorite weather girl.

Oh My Fucking God.

Stan shuddered as the sensation of an icy-flaming sword cleaved through his body.

It was unacceptable for a devil to use the ultimate swear word: the ‘G’ word.

Sorry, he thought, looking down. Brunaandmax aunty chat sex.

Just ‘fuck’, OK? It was still real.

Lauren was still there with him, murmuring sweet nothings about a ‘warm front moving in from the south’.

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Stan had no idea what a ‘warm front’ actually was but instinctively felt that he would enjoy one if he ever found one; especially if she was there to share it with him. Teens webcams v vk.

Her hair was falling down about her face.

She was smiling, ‘wishing for everyone to have a great day, despite the weather’ and ‘to remember to take an umbrella’.

Every word that came from those lips was utter sex to Stan.

She was Happy (to hand back to the studio). Nicole kidman dead calm sex.

Her tiny tits were just begging to be chewed.

A Biting wind from the north, Stan thought in her voice.

As if hearing the thought, Lauren offered one of her tits to his mouth and he bit the nipple.

She gasped her approval, gripping his head with both hands.

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He pulled back, stretching the flesh of her breast.

Come for me.

It was a dirty demand and Stan simply couldn’t refuse.

Oh Lauren, he sighed, happily.

Stan’s cock pulsed violently and he felt the warm wetness flood into his… underwear.

Stan’s world snapped back into the living room. Big booty webcam live.

Lauren was gone.

Instead there was Granny gyrating her hips inappropriately.

It’s been a long time since I’ve released the spawn of the Devil.

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