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Still Katherine was her friend.

She was about to step out from behind the table when she heard the door open and Katherine and the teacher left the store room, leaving Jennifer alone. Virtual thessa chat porno game.

The bell rang a few minutes later and Jennifer went to her next class.

She waited anxiously for Katherine to return.

The lesson was almost over when the door opened and Katherine came in and handed a note to the teacher.

It was clear that she had been crying, but she gave Jennifer a bright smile when she came forward to sit down.

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“I’m sorry Kath, I should have come out too.

” “It’s okay Jen, it wasn’t too bad really.

My bum hurts like hell and I’ll not sit well for a few days, but the wicked weed helped dull things a bit. Pussy arena videos fuck.

” It had been many years since she had seen or heard from her friend.

After school, came university and then Jennifer met Mark.

Marriage, child and moving to South Africa followed, then divorce and moving back to the UK all conspired to cause her to lose track of Katherine.

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Jennifer opened her dresser drawer and selected a simple white lace bra and panties and put them on.

She then selected a light summer dress from her walk in wardrobe.

She tied her hair up in a ponytail and finished off with small gold earrings. Essex c.

Looking at herself in the mirror again she smiled to herself.

Walking through the gates of the school brought back memories of her time here and she spent a few minutes wandering the halls and looking in classrooms. Face to face live sex.

Although it was a Monday, the school was closed for off-site teacher training.

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