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Twenty minutes later he drove back down the hill and as he rounded the corner of the sheds he spotted his father's immaculate four wheel drive with the new caravan in tow half way up the drive. Webcam young big tits. Drew did a 'u' turn with the tractor. Alenkasexy17 live one on one webcam sex. He planned on driving out to the camp site at the weir with them. Teens on webcam nude. He'd take the tractor and a long chain and if the creek had risen with the rain he would by hook or by crook get them to the other side safe and sound. Webcam girls with big tits. Then he would know that himself, Tess and Dave could have one night of sexual passion together before there was maybe a family crisis.

He dismounted and stood in the driveway waiting for them to negotiate the last two hundred meters of the gravel road to the house.

"Hello there son," his father greeted him through the open drivers side window.

"Had a bit of rain I see,"

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'Well that's bloody obvious,' thought Drew as he stood in the muddy driveway. He was not resentful that they were visiting, just a little annoyed at the timing.

"Yes not that much though, just enough to stop us working.

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