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We fell asleep in the morning our bodies entwined finally waking up just before dinner.

We bathed together, my collar still firm around my neck, soaping each other and kissing like school girls. Animate. teens porno.

We both dried each other and went back to our room, to dress apply our makeup and fixing our hair.

I want you to wear something for me tonight,Mistress said with a grin.

She reached into her wardrobe pulling out a body harness helping me into it and fixing it in place. Analy sex event in faro.

My breasts were exposed as was my crotch.

I actually felt good being exposed like this.

We put on our shoes and went down to eat, me knowing that Mike had not seen either of us all day.

As we walked into the dining room Mike’s jaw dropped as I sat next to mistress.

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She teased me and shared food with me all through dinner.

Again we rested in the lounge much longer this time both of us on the sumptuous sofa while dinner went down.

Mistress finally rose, Playroom now all of you. Sex chat petite.

We all followed behind.

She made the guys kneel back in their position.

Getting me to lay over a long bench knees on the floor.

She cuffed me once more by my wrists before spreading my legs a little wider.

She spanked my exposed bum, starting fairly lightly before building her force harder and harder. Ruskiy porno.

I yelped with each spank finally screaming at her to stop.

Please stop it hurts,I yelped out tearfully.

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Finally she stopped before rubbing my sore backside in a circular motion. Giols webcam vidio porno.

She could see that I was already wet, who would of thought that a spanking could make you feel good, well for me it did.

She again fixed the ball gag in its place and rubbed something cold and wet around my backside.

Inserting her finger into my ass, I grimaced, another finger entered into me then another and another, it was hurting really bad. Webcam arab live sex chat.

At first my backside tensed hard before I could finally relax, it felt good when she just stopped.

Ok slave she’s all yours,she had given Bill the go ahead to fuck me. Busty mature webcam.

He got on his knees behind me as I felt his cock probing, but not at my pussy.

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He shoved it deep in my backside.

He wasn't gentle, I tensed as much as I could as he fucked my ass, gripping my hips, dragging me back to meet his thrusts. British porno sites.

He was like an animal fucking me hard but as I relaxed more I realized that I had got wet yet again.

From the corner of my eye I could see Mike's face, he disapproved of anal sex but he could clearly see that I was now loving it my ass being filled by a decent sized cock. Amazing group sex party.

Bill suddenly shoved hard as he shot his cum deep inside me.

Once fully spent he removed his cock before thanking mistress.

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