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This was the best part of their hooking up.

Rachel loved pretending that she changed her mind about having sex and would tell Dex to stop.

Dex would ignore her pleas and place her on her back and pin her arms down.

She would continue to protest as she attempted to free herself as Dexter pushed his cock into her tight hole. Sex women cabano.

Rachel kissed and licked his neck and ears as he rolled to one side to access the drawer of the nightstand.

He removed a box of condoms and placed the latex sleeve on his cock and then turned into Rachel.

They commenced kissing again as he slid his hand under her cheerleader sweater to caress her pert breasts. Belle_soffya web camera online girls sex.

A moment or two later, he pushed Rachel on her back and placed his knees on either side of her legs.

Sweetdool18 live webcam girls on skype. Rachel

As Dex commenced to push her tiny skirt up she stopped him.

"I've changed my mind.

I am not in the mood," she told him as she attempted to pull her skirt back down in a pretend act of modesty.

"That's too bad for you cause I am," Dex responded. Ugly guy fucks pornstar.

He then managed to push her legs apart and wedge his body between them.

Rachel attempted to fight him and he laughed as he grabbed both her slender wrists in one hand.

He then forced her arms backward and above her head while his free hand placed his throbbing cock at the entrance to her pussy.

"No," she begged over and over while he did this. Webcam teen lesbi.

Dex only laughed again and then slowly buried his cock up to his pubic bone.

Sweetdool18 live webcam girls on skype. Rachel

He then released one of her wrists and grabbed it with his now free hand.

It was then pinned it above her head in the same manner as the other one.

He commenced to ride her as Rachel continued to struggle against her arms being pinned. Xxchriss amature sexcam.

Dex lowered his head and kissed the nipples of that had become visible under her sweater.

"Please stop.

Your cock is too big for me," she moaned in his ear.

Dex only smiled and increased the tempo of his humping.

He took his mouth off her sweater front and began to kiss her cheeks and neck. Filipina sex cams.

He stared into her wide open eyes as she continued to protest.

There was something about looking her in the eyes as they fucked that always fired him up.

Sweetdool18 live webcam girls on skype. Rachel

Finally, Rachel stopped protesting and wrapped her legs around his lower back.

Dex released her wrists and she ran her hands over his shoulders and down his strong arms. Pakistani horny girl sex talking.

She finally placed her arms around his neck and held his head in her hands.

"I'm going to cum," she managed to inform him between moans while staring him in the eyes.

"Let me hear it, " was all he could say.

A long sustained moan of pleasure escaped Rachel's lips as her orgasm took her. Very big ass sexy.

A minute later, Dex announced that it was his turn and emptied the contents of his balls into the latex sleeve as she urged him on.

He climbed off Rachel and took a position next to her and they gently kissed as he held her.

"That was the best session yet," she told him.

"Yeah, it was," he responded.

"Do we have time for seconds?" she asked.

"Better not chance it.

Sweetdool18 live webcam girls on skype. Rachel
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Mom and Dad will be home soon and getting caught would be the end of us," he answered.

She gave Dex a final kiss before heading down the hall to the master bath.

Dex slid his naked body under the sheet and blanket after removing the used condom.

He smiled to himself and wondered what the coaches and his team members would think of him if they found out that he was fucking his sister. South west rocks married women wanting sex.

He couldn't even imagine what their parents would say.

It happened a little less than six months ago that they had sex for the first time.

Rachel had come home upset and slightly drunk and needed to talk.

Since their parents were out she knocked on Dexter's door and without waiting for being told to enter pushed her way in.

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Dex recalled that he had been jacking off and moved quickly to hid his hard cock as his door was opened.

He however just wasn't quick enough and Rachel saw him.

"Were you jacking off?" she asked.

"Yes," he responded his face coloring red.

"Why? Almost every girl in school wants you. Sexy female stretch pants galleries.

You could get laid with a phone call," Rachel stated.

"I've had a few of them and it wasn't worth the effort.

It's like sticking my dick into a bowl of warm jello.

The was no passion or moaning," he continued.

"I have the same problem.

None of the boys do shit for me either. Best live sex app.

All they want to do is stick it in me.

There is no kissing or touching," she answered and approached the bed and taking a seat.

"Seems we are in the same boat," he commented.

"I have a solution," she said with a smile.

"But you probably won't like it.

" "So tell me," he requested.

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She elected to show him and without further comment, she leaned over and kissed him deeply.

Now, Dex had been kissed many times but it had never been this good.

"Stop it.

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