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She screamed, as she fell off that cliff.

Lights exploded behind her eyes.

Her whole body was electrified and spasming.

Amelia licked and sucked the pulsating bud, while gushes of slippery fluid coated her fingers and hand. Sex chat rulet.

Never had she witnessed a more violent orgasm.

Her own pussy was humming with need.

Gently, she pulled her fingers from Victoria's body and helped the limp lady up onto the table.

She quickly placed Victoria's feet into the stirrups and spread them wide. Webcam girl beautifulgirl10 from chaturbate.

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Going to the end of the table, Amelia admired the view.

Lucas would be pleased.

Victoria's pink pussy was flushed bright red and very puffy.

The normally hidden inner lips were so swollen that they curled out, revealing a still twitching hole. Big boob sex intercourse.

Victoria's tight back entrance was slightly more relaxed and twitching, as well.

Victoria lay against the table, breathing hard.

How could she still be lust filled after what Amelia had just done? Watch hot sex videos online.

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She heard the door open and turned her head to see Lucas enter the room.

Victoria was stricken at just how sensually handsome he was.

His shirt was hanging open, showing a lightly haired chest.

Unlike Charles, his waist was trim.

She let her gaze travel lower, following a trail of hair that led to places unknown. Chat live free sex.

Lucas saw the unfocused and soft look in her eyes.

She was completely naked and open.

It seemed that the uptight lady was gone for the moment.

In her place was the horny woman not afraid of her need.

"Well done, Amelia," he thought. Free trail phonesexxxx.

Spying Amelia in the corner, he approached her.

She shivered.

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