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bite my nipples.

ohhh, yesss!" Carol moaned as Anna made a meal of her creamy flesh.

With her girlfriend smoldering now, Anna moved down Carol's body further kissing a trail down her stomach and on to her edge of her panties.

Anna, feeling playful now at seeing best friend so overheated, decided not to remove her panties just yet. Sexy milf beach.

Instead, she slid down in between her wide spread thighs until she could lick and toy with Carol's dampening pussy through the fabric.

Anna could feel the heat from Carol's pussy and the musky smell of her sex and it was intoxicating.

Carol, in turn, could feel Anna's tongue as it flitted across her pussy lips and slid up and down the front of her panties, wetting the material even more than she already had.

"Ohh Anna, please!

Sinanny online sex chat with aunty. Anna
Score girll sex muskogee. Take off my panties.

I want you to eat my pussy! Please, I want to feel your mouth on my wet pussy now!" Carol begged.

But Carol didn't have to beg very hard.

Anna was just as eager to get at her sweet juicy peach as Carol was.

Anna grabbed the sides of Carol's skimpy pink panties and tugged as Carol lifted her hips. Sweet_katy boobs on webcam.

In short order Carol lay on the bed totally naked and panting, as Anna dove into her dripping sweet pussy like she was starved.

Long ago, Carol had taken up the practice of keeping herself completely shaved - the guys seemed to like it that way, and she liked the way her pussy felt against the fabric of her silky panties. Mature adult sex katherine.

Sinanny online sex chat with aunty. Anna

And she had shaved again the night before they left just to make sure she was nice and clean for the trip.

Now however, it was Anna's tongue that was exploring the slick, wet folds of Carol's pink box.

And both girls were enjoying every delicious moment of it too! "Ohmygod! Privat chat fuck naked. Oh fuck, Anna! you eat my pussy out sooo good, baby!" Carol moaned as she writhed on the bed under Anna.

Encouraged by Carol's words and the way she pitched and bucked, Anna licked and lapped the sweet slit furiously.

Anna's tongue dove deep into Carol's warmth, then she flicked the tip over the swollen and sensitive clit. Essex nyc.

Anna sucked the litle bud onto her mouth like a tiny nipple and held it lightly between her teeth as her tongue grazed over it, a technique someone once used on her that drove her crazy.

Sinanny online sex chat with aunty. Anna

The technique worked just as effectively on Carol as well, sending her into orbit as her clit shot electrical impulses into her rapidly overloading mind. Petite porno online.

Carol tried to close her legs, shutting out the torturous sensations, but Anna had them pretty well pinned open.

Carol's thighs shook with the strain of trying to hold back her orgasm as Carol held Anna's head tight against her pussy, wanting as much of her hot teasing tongue inside her as possible.

"Turn around and give me that ass. Wonder woman in sex.

I want to taste your pussy too, baby!" Carol said, pulling Anna's leg.

Anna swung herself around until she was straddling Anna's head and they were in the classic "69" position, each one busily devouring the other's dripping, needy pussy.

Sinanny online sex chat with aunty. Anna

The two girls passions reached a fever pitch as they each tried their best to get the other to cum first. Wowwbabe vietnam web sex for mobile.

The moans, squeals, and cries of the girls encouraged them on as the squirmed and writhed together in heated ecstasy.

"Oh God Anna! I'm cumming.

Oh fuck, I'm cuuuummminnngggg!!" Carol screamed as she clamped her legs together around Anna's head.

She arched her back up against her girlfriend's body as the bed shook with the force of her orgasm. Watch me jerk off webcam.

Carol's orgasm was all it took for Anna to join in as well.

"Oh Carol! Ohhh fuuucccck!" Anna cried out as she too exploded.

Both women burst as their pussy juices poured out.

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