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It wasn't long before Lauren had to expand so she named her expanded restaurant Felicia's in honor of her aunt.

The success continued, now Lauren was paying back that kindness by offering education to those wanting to flourish in the art of cooking. No credit card cam 2 cam sex.

They got out, Lauren engaged the car's alarm out of habit.

The restaurant's neighborhood was upscale and had never had a problem.

Setting the alarm with the top down just kept gawkers from touching. Asianhotgals free one on one sex chat rooms.

Slipping into the back door, they met the first sous chef inventorying a recent delivery.

Lauren introduced Renee and asked if they had received anything special from the delivery company.

The chef said no, but they might have some new vegetable varieties next time to test. Bisexual porn sites mmf.

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The driver didn't really know much.

The two women continued their tour, meeting and greeting waiters, waitresses, cooks, chefs and maintenance people.

Renee was surprised so many people were there so early in the morning. Caramela free transexual cam.

Lauren explained how her restaurant was more like a big family and that the employees take more “ownership” if they are more involved.

“It also helps that I give them a better than average wage for their efforts,” she added. Live sex on cam.

They spent a little time in the office; Lauren checked her voice mails while Renee looked around.

After about an hour they decided on touring the botanical garden in Atlanta, hoping some outdoor flowers were still in bloom.

Lauren knew they had an extensive Orchid collection so they wouldn't be disappointed.

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They said their goodbyes and headed out once more.

The botanical garden opened at 9:00 am, it wasn't too hot so they walked around viewing the outdoor gardens.

Lauren kept an eye on Renee to see if any jet lag was creeping in or if she was getting too warm with the Atlanta sun beating down on them. Free chat porno sex onlain webcan.

Eventually they walked into the greenhouses that held the orchid collection.

The houses were more humid than outside.

Renee adjusted the settings on her camera then began taking pictures. Peter andre sex.

She must have taken three or four of almost every flower.

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