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Encouraged by this display of enjoyment, she began to sway in time to the music, trying to forget those watching, and just moving her body, totally unaware of how sexy that simple action was.

As she moved, she ran her hands over her body, inadvertently pulling the short dress up to show fleeting glimpses of her bottom and crotch, then sliding the zip down a few inches to give a peek at the swell of her boobs. Marneti porno chat onlayn.

A few more inches and the lacy bra was seen.

Remembering Rod's warning about rushing, she walked slowly around the square again, giving the men a close-up view of the parts now on show.

The music changed to a slow song and she sat on the chair.

She had intended taking off her stockings but thought the men might prefer them left on.

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Instead, she raised one shapely leg slowly, higher and higher, then stretched to put her hands on the ankle and smooth the stocking along the length of her leg, all the way to the stocking top.

Then the same with the other leg, seeing the men watching in fascination and bated breath as her hands traveled every inch of the way down, from the foot above her head to right near her exposed crotch, covered by a strip of flimsy lace. Sexy wives dahaneh.

She stood again, swaying gently as the next song came on, a faster one, but she moved to her own rhythm, now inching the zipper down bit by bit, until it came free at the hem.

Toni held the two sides of the dress together, as she circled the chair, opening the dress briefly from time to time to give them all tantalising glimpses of her body, then slowly slipped it off, placing it carefully on the chair.

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The tiny bra and briefs set did not hide much, and the men were all leaning forward, hardly breathing as she caressed her boobs through the thin fabric.

By now Toni could see how aroused the men were becoming, and she herself could feel her own arousal, her nipples hard and tingling and a wetness between her legs. Big tit webcam videos.

She began straddling each man in turn, wriggling her body and sitting briefly on their laps, feeling their hardness through their pajamas or trousers, She pressed into each man, kissing them on their lips before moving to the next.

The third man was Rod. Arab cam sex.

As she leaned into him she whispered.

"Rod, unclip my bra, please," she told him, "thank you, darling.

" When she stood again, the bra was held in place by her hands, and when she straddled the next men, she let it fall away from her, leaving her topless, to the cheers of the watchers.

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Now, straddling the men meant trying to keep their hands or mouths off her tits.

Then she thought, 'why bother?' and let them touch or kiss as they pleased.

Besides, by now she was so aroused, she needed physical contact, reveling in it as she grew more aroused than she could ever recall being before. Chat sexy live marysville.

When she sat on Bill's knee, (she thought it silly to think of him as Mister Jackson when she was astride him almost naked) she kissed him softly.

"When I stand up," she murmured to him, "slide my panties down, please.

" He smiled hugely, as he took hold of the flimsy fabric, sliding them down to her ankles and watching her step out of them, then wiggling her naked pussy inches from his face.

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She returned to her chair, straddling it to show her snatch wide open, then caressed her boobs, squeezing them together, then with an effort, pushing each, in turn, up and just managing to touch each nipple with her tongue, something she had never done before. Feet com nylon sex.

She pinched the nipples hard, until they were throbbing, then licked her finger and ran it over each nipple, seeing them hard and erect.

Then she was running her hands so slowly down her body, teasing ribs and belly, then down inch by inch to the wet pussy, pulling the outer lips apart and stroking along the slit. Naked sexy girl in west bengal.

She forgot about the watchers as her fingers slid inside herself, thumb rubbing her clit and her free hand back up to a firm tit, pinching the nipple hard again.

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Her legs opened as wide as she could get them as she rubbed and finger-fucked herself until she came, arching her body back and screaming her pleasure while the men sat mesmerised at the sight. Vaginal anal sex alternate.

Then raucous applause and cheers for her stunningly erotic performance.

Eager helpers lifted her, laying her on a bed, with hands holding her arms and legs wide.

Rod pushed his way to her head.

"You really okay with being fucked?" he asked her, "that is what they all want. A hot sexy girl.

Just say the word and it stops now.

" Toni turned dreamy lustful eyes to him.

"Fuck me please, Rod," she murmured clearly, "you first, please?" "I kind of hoped it would get to this," he said, half to himself, "condoms, bottom drawer of my bedside unit," he called.

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He had stocked up with them, a friend bringing boxes of them for him the previous day.

As he put the condom on, he saw Toni already had a cock in each hand, wanking them nicely, plus one using her mouth, and the rest of the men stroking, teasing and touching wherever they could. Sex chat messages.

He slid into her tight wetness, enjoying the way she thrust up to meet his lunges.

That performance had made him so horny, he knew he was not going to last long, at least not for the first fuck, but he was hoping he could recover enough for a second later.

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