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Chapter 7 It was Jeff, one of the guys from the football team.

Not only was he there now, but Jeff's girlfriend and approximately 9 to 10 other people were standing behind Lisa.

This collection of boys and girls from both schools were watching as Brent had two pairs of lips on his genitals and three more ready and waiting. Online nude sex chat.

For a brief second, modesty hit him and he was concerned.

But the sensation he was feeling was too damn good.

And he realized that this was such a once-in-a-lifetime experience that something as minor as an audience was not going to stop this.

In fact, the more he thought about it, the more he realized that this turned him on even more. Amature orgasmic teen fuck blowjob.

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He realized that for a brief second the girls were startled as well.

But by the time he looked down, both of them were back hard at work pleasuring him.

He even felt that they were doing so with more vigor.

Apparently, they also were turned on by the audience.

"Okay, you two. Telugu actor samantha sex videos.

Jill hasn't had her turn.

" Lisa warned.

Karen and Anne stopped what they were doing and moved slightly back.

The two of them scooted back a bit, and they kept their knees on the floor as they sat back on their heels next to the others.

Jill had already started to approach him. Cleopatra sinns s bio and free webcam.

Lisa then exclaimed in a voice louder than she ever had so that the entire group could hear her clearly.

"Show him how it's really done, Jill!" The crowd started chanting her name quietly, "Jill, Jill, Jill…" Lisa held up her hand without saying a word and the crowd immediately was silent.

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The power this woman possessed was amazing.

Jill was the only blonde of the bunch.

Her golden hair draped down beside her face as she approached Brent.

She smiled.

It turned out that she had braces.

God, did that turn him on.

Brent’s cock was actually throbbing as it awaited Jill’s touch. Angelas26 camera on camera sex chat.

It was slightly tapping his lower abdomen rhythmically with his pulse.

Jill approached her target and grabbed it with her left hand.

At first she squeezed too hard and Brent winced a little.

"Lighten up," Lisa warned her.

She took her advice and gently held it from that point on. Frankfort girls who want sex in san jose de mayo lovely gemma 21yo i seeking sex date.

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She did not move her hand much and Brent could sense the hesitation in her actions.

She even stopped for a second and looked back at Lisa.

"Go ahead and kiss it first.

Lick it a little.

" Lisa told her.

Jill turned back and kissed it right on the head sending a quiver up Brent’s back. Sexysabotage alibbi.

She then licked up and down the underside.

The other girls had been quick to put it in their mouth and suck.

This was the first time that his cock had been simply kissed and licked for a period of time.

Probably because she was nervous to take it in; but it was a nice change of pace for Brent. Annaandjohn malayalam sexs video chat.

After a while though, everyone was getting bored.

Lisa was also losing interest.

"Now go ahead and suck it Jill, "she told the inexperienced girl.

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Jill wrapped her mouth around his cock and moved down the shaft.

The problem was that her teeth made contact the entire way down. Sexy swimwear with enhancer bra top.

Brent practically jumped off the ground and the wince on his face must have been obvious.

The crowd actually chuckled.

Jill quickly removed her mouth and started to step back from embarrassment.

Brent quickly and gently placed his hand on the top left portion of her head stopping her retreat.

"It's okay," he told her quietly so that no one else could hear, "just watch the teeth.

" She tried again and this time the sensation was wonderful. Gay bisexual life in africa blog.

In fact, she was able to much more of his cock into her mouth and near her throat.

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The crowd quietly cheered.

"That's a good girl," Lisa encouraged her.

Her word choice once again led Brent to question her overall personality.

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