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However, there are flaws in this plan.”

“Really? Like what?”

Michalis gave a stern glaze to Thomas and mumbled “What a naive idiot!” He then said with vehemence “First of all, TC will want to check her papers, to see if she really is a prostitute.”

“Aha, you are right!” Thomas exclaimed.

But I know how to deal with this,” Michalis reassured him, “I know some people who can pull some strings. Online webcam chating. They owe me a favour and can make a fake prostitute license.”

Michalis pointed his index finger upwards emphasizing his instructing words, “The second thing we must strive to achieve is to find a girl that is actually a virgin.”

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“Why should we limit our search so much? Oh! You think that TC will really demand her to show him her virginity!”

“I’m afraid so,” Michalis acknowledged, “TC seemed to be a ruthless hating–to–lose asshole, so I’m positively certain he will not hesitate to demand something like this!”

“TC hates to lose? I didn’t think of him that way!”

“Naive,” Michalis muttered, “just naive.”

“So,” Thomas carried on, “I suppose our third hurdle will be to actually find a girl that is willing to pull such a stunt.”

“Exactly,” Michalis replied, staccato sharp.

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