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At first, she ran the head back and forth across her pussy, up and down while occasionally slapping my hardened cock against lips. Then, she helped guide the tip to the opening to her wet cave.

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Our eyes met, staring upon one another filled with lust and sexual energy. Mia leaned up to kiss me, as she fell back and whispered to me. "It's been so long since I've had a cock inside of me, fuck me sweetie!" she told me.

Her hands ran down my spine, caressing me as she reached my hips and then my ass cheeks. Ayumi shinoda porno. She grasped a hold, one cheek in each hand as she gently eased me towards her.

Although I couldn't see it, our eyes were still drawn upon one another, I felt my cock begin to slowly ease it's way inside of her wet hole. Her hands continued to ease me down, squeezing my ass cheeks and pushing me closer onto her naked body.

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