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The boys got dressed and left.

Tash was slumped against the sofa.

I sat and watched her for a while and went and made us a drink.


I gave her a large glass of wine which she drunk straight down.

That was fucking amazing, I’ve never had so much cock all at once and I’ve never felt so abused, my cunt and arse are sore, all I can taste is spunk and my tits feel like they’ve been ripped to bits. Busty senior sex date faldas.

You enjoyed it then? Oh fuck yeah, I didn’t expect it to happen quite the way it did, but, fucking hell, it was good.

You’d do it again then.

I asked.

Yeah I think I would, but, not for a while.

We both went upstairs and showered and went to bed.

In the morning Tash was moving quite delicately, but, I could see she was happy, and that means I’d given her what she wanted.

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As she drove the 3 hours to the hotel where she was to meet Him for the first time, her thoughts raced to each and every phone call, e-mail or text conversation they had ever had.

Remembering how easy it was for her to give in to him, to submit to him. Georgio899898 xxx sex full animal.

How natural it seemed to respond to every request he asked of her.

They had spent nearly a year conversing back and forth as she became more and more enthralled with him.

As she drove there was not one moment of hesitation, fear or regret in her mind, just an overwhelming sense of anticipation. Sexsi girl fart.

They had discussed this meeting for weeks – everything had to be perfect.

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She had checked off each requirement on His list like it was her wedding day.

She had grown her hair out over the last year to an appropriatepulling’ length, which was now almost mid-back. Sport nude sex.

They had shopped online for a dress, tight, slinky, black and red, mid-thigh length.

He directed her to a corseteer who made a new, form-fitting, underbust, tie-up corset for her.

She purchased a new, lacy, push up bra that he had to approve, as well as new thigh high leather boots. Bitches rwanda fucking tonight.

He had asked that she be freshly waxed – not one, stray hair on her pussy – and that her asshole be bleached so it was pretty and primed for his use.

She was directed to pack only her new dress and corset, thigh highs, her boots and a few of the previously discussed sex toys that she had been using to prime herself for him.

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She had taken care of every request with joy.

Now just a few minutes away, she grabbed her phone and texted Him as He requested.

The response was only, Room 950.

He was in room 950.

He was probably there, waiting for her.

Her heart skipped a beat.

For one, split second she thought she must be crazy. Wap camda porno.

Meeting his Man she had never met.

That feeling lasted only that split second, as she pulled into the parking lot of the large, upscale hotel.

Grabbing her single suitcase, she proceeded into the hotel and directly to the elevator, pressing 9 her heart began to beat faster and faster. Mary hot sexy.

The ride up to the 9 th floor seemed to take an eternity.

Following the signs to the room she noticed how incredibly quite this hotel was, it almost seemed deserted.

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Standing outside of the room, she noticed that it was open, the inside slide lock holding the door ajar. Tiny ass for sex.

Sir, are you in there, she called, squeakily from the door.



, should I come in, she asked when no answer came.

SC was his agreed upon ‘casual’ name.

Sir was the preference, or Master, but SC was the casual alternative.

It was significant, as it stood for something very special. Amazing blonde webcam.

With no answer, she pushed open the door a little at a time, until she was standing just inside the door.

She noticed a dim light coming from the inner portion of what she now realized was a large suite.

There was a large bathroom with whirlpool tub.

A sitting area with chairs, a couch and a few tables.

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This opened up to a large bedroom.

Sir, are you here, she called once more, walking slowly into the main room.

She looked around and took it all in.

It was a beautiful hotel suite.

She turned to go into the bedroom.

It was magnificent.

A large bed was in the center of the room, and on it, a box and a note, which she read – HIS handwriting: Hello, Little One. Amateur sex chat.

I have left you a gift.

I would like you to open this and do as instructed.

I will return soon.

X ~ S.


She sat down on the bed and began to open the box, and as she did so, she saw movement next to her and jumped.

It was simply her reflection.

She hadn’t noticed previously that the entire bedroom seemed to be covered in mirrors.

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She took a look around, everywhere she turned she saw herself in a mirror.

She looked up, above the old-fashioned 4-poster bed and saw yes, mirrors there too.

She was a bit amazed, as this was a very upscale hotel, and this sort of over sexual tone seemed out of place.

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