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I didn't have much choice.

I signed my John Hancock in a signature with two-inch high letters that defiantly spanned the page.

I allowed myself to smile; the sweeping curlicue underline flourish was a nice touch.

The small conference room reserved for council meeting was jam-packed with a standing room only gaggle of curious sisters as I took my place at the head of the table while the commander stood before the blackboard with a chunk of chalk in hand.

"Our austerity protocol is now in effect, no more printed throw away agendas," with the Confidence of an experienced teacher and the penmanship of a practiced professional, the leader rapidly wrote out the meeting's agenda in chalk: 1. Wichita falls mom extreme fuck.

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Belinda's Action Request 2.

Commander's Report/Work Assignments 3.

Going forward (Planning) Sheila stepped back to admire her handy work and then added a fourth item to the meeting's agenda: 4.

New Business "The event has rendered old business obsolete," the Chief said with an ironic smile.

"It's all yesterday's news. Lithe video free 2way chat sex.

We start afresh.

" She took her seat, glanced at her watch, and whacked the table with her gavel.

"This meeting of the Society's Executive Committee is now in session.

Belinda, you have the floor," the leader pointed the handle of the hammer and beckoned Belinda to rise.

"Speak so that we may better know your mind.

" "I address the committee in the matter of our two missing sisters, Darlene and Alice.

" The Frost Queen scanned the faces of her friends as she walked the center of the circle to stand facing Sheila.

"The sisters have been missing for three days.

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I am formally demanding that we immediately launch a search and rescue operation to bring them back home.

" The Lady of Ice put her hands on her hips and awaited the Chair's response.

Sheila stiffened as she sat upright in the chair.

"Belinda, you know my feelings about this. No registratio web cam sex.

Request denied.

Alice and Darlene are quite capable of Taking care of themselves.

I expect them to scout the situation in town, at least for a few days before they head back here with a report.

If they haven't returned within a week, will send out a search party but until then…" "No!? Orgasmicjane seeking one on one sex chat. Is that your answer?" Belinda took a half step forward.


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You're going to do nothing?" "Waiting is not doing nothing.

My decision is final," the chair adjusted her meeting notes and returned Frosty's glare with a sympathetic smile.

"Then I challenge your ruling and call for a council vote, as is my right under Article Five," Belinda studied the faces of the board.

"Very well. Sports sex movies.

It is your right.

All those in favor of my ruling, please say, 'Aye!'" "Aye," Martha raised her right hand to the sounds of silence from the table.

"Those in opposition, please say 'No,'" the leader called after a few moments with no additional votes.

"Abstentions?" The chair's eyebrows wrinkled with puzzled curiosity while three hands from the three members rose into the air to a chorus of "I abstain.

" "Um, the vote being one in support, none in opposition and three members in abstention, the ruling of your commander is affirmed.

" Sheila shook her head and brought the gavel down with a crash as she muttered under her breath, "That was interesting.

" The reverberating thunder of the gavel smothered her next words, "What the hell?" For a brief moment, the room reeled in stunned silence before erupting in whispering conversations between the gathered women of the sisterhood.

"What just happened?" "Did you see that?" "What kind of vote was that?" The room buzzed with questions and confused uncertainty.

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Change was no longer in the air; it was all around us like an avalanche.

"Order! Order in the house!" Sheila repeatedly rapped the meeting hammer on its polished oak sounding block.

"We have more people than places; meeting stands in recess.

We'll reconvene in ten minutes in the amphitheater," the leader sounded the gavel while she rose from her chair and stuffed her paperwork and meeting notes into an embroidered cloth tote-bag emblazoned with the unofficial motto of the sisterhood: "If you can't do what you love, love what you do.

" Easier said than done.

"Belinda, can I have a word with you for a moment?" I tapped her shoulder to get her attention.

"Oh? Tamanna naked sex. Do you want to speak to me?" Her smile flashed like sunshine as she turned to face me.

"Or would you rather talk to the Frost Queen?" The glow vanished behind a dark scowl accented by thinning lips and flaring nostrils as she transformed from beauty to the beast before my eyes.

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I took a step back and opened my mouth to say something, but before I could utter a word, my frowning companion raised her hand like a crossing guard stopping traffic.


I know all about your pet names for me," her smile returned as a grin, more sinister than sincere. Milf sexy lingerie pics.

She took a step forward.

It took all my willpower not to step back as her body invaded my personal space.

At the primal level, I knew that to give ground would be an acceptance of her dominance.

I moved closer to her until the tips of our toes touched.

"Yes?" Since she was looking for a fight, I would be ready with the sharpest sword of war, diplomacy.

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