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Daddy… what was that?” Her sleepy voice sounded so sexy.

“Mmm, just a little something I picked up along the way.

You like?” “Of course I did! But…” “But what, honey?” She paused, trying to find either the words or maybe the courage, I wasn’t sure. Arabgirls sex com.

“It was… weird.

I mean it was so amazing but… you were hurting me but, like… I don’t know.

I liked you hurting me, I guess.

” She turned away from me, she seemed ashamed. Online webcam chat nude roulette.

“Ashley, look at me.

” She slowly turned her head towards me, but only reluctantly met my gaze.

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“What you and I do is special.

And it’s okay as long as both of us are okay.

Are you okay with what we did? We can talk about it.

” “I’m okay with it, I guess. Chat sexy hot.

But like, it just seems… weird, kinda-sorta.

” Wow, she wants to be an English professor and she uses “kinda-sorta.

” Oh well, there's still time.

“Ash, what’s going on is what’s called a power exchange.

It’s when the submissive chooses to give power to her dominant. Stephanyqueen xfn sexy com.

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It’s, it’s very heady stuff, honey.

You are essentially surrendering to me.

She thought for a few moments.


I didn’t know those words in that context, I guess, yeah.

Like, that’s how I felt when you spanked me the other day, and just now. Healthygirl live sex chat with sunny leon.

Like I surrendered or something.

” “And how did that make you feel?” “It’s, um… difficult… I never felt like that before.

I felt… free, I guess.

Maybe that’s not the right word.

But I was free from worry, nothing else mattered except being in that moment. Let s fuck moody al.

Like even though you’re hurting me, you’re also in charge and I’m okay with that.

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