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Things between us have been happening so fast, but I practically had to beg her to come here with me for the weekend.

Seems like she’s having a good time so far, Sarah said looking over at Keisha as she posed with her daughters to take pictures with their cell phones. Jasmin st claire sex.

Yeah, if only I can manage to keep my big foot out of my mouth.

Hey, I think you’re being too hard on yourself, Tommy.

You don’t know, maybe she feels the same way and just waiting for you to say something.

Hey, so I have an idea.

Sarah said suddenly changing the subject, I was just going to take the girls to mom and dad’s. Huskarxxx myid showsex oovoo.

Why don’t you both come with us? I don’t think she’ll be into that.

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Tom shook his head at the idea.

Keisha and they girls walked up to them.

Into what? Sarah wants us to join them on a visit to our parents.

Actually, that sounds kind of fun.

Keisha smiled at Tom. Ecc essex.

Well, that settles that.

Sarah gave a victorious smile at her big brother.

During the visit to his parents' house, Keisha was greeted warmly by the weather-beaten yet strong couple.

It was evident where Tom inherited his towering height and rugged good looks as he stood next to his father. Reena gets her pussy fucked.

His charm and storytelling definitely came from his mom.

She playfully embarrassed her son by sharing stories of a lanky teenaged Tom working on the ranch and playing his guitar in the stables whenever he could.

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Not quite the ladies’ man he is today, his dad teased as they sat around in their cozy family room. Benbarneshot malayalamsex girl mobile number.

Okay, okay, no more stories, Tom changed the subject as Keisha laughed at him.

Why don’t you sing for us like you used to? his mom suggested.

Yeah, Sarah joined in.

Give us one of your Grammy winning performances.

Sorry, I didn’t bring my guitar, Tom tried to get out of it. Carinocoppia free trial sex chat usa.

No worries.

Tom’s mom went over to the closet and pulled out his old guitar case.

We’ve got you covered.

Tom’s eyes lit up at the sight of his old guitar.

He had fond memories of learning to strum on those six strings as a kid.

I don’t know, maybe need a little tuning.

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He plucked a few strings and to his amazement the sound that came out was clear and in tune.

We kind of keep it ready for you whenever you want to come back, his mother admitted.

Go on, play a little something for us.

As he played his guitar, Tom smiled and sang to his family. Voyeur reallifecam homemade sex video com.

He enjoyed seeing their happy faces, but, one smiling face stood out to him more – Keisha’s.

He loved how well she blended into his small family.

All of her fame and stardom stripped away, she was just the beautiful girl that he was falling in love with. Jason-agnessa free live teen websex chat.

Keisha sat between his two nieces and enjoyed hearing him sing just as much as the rest of his family.

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She loved that he was just as charismatic with his family as he was on stage in front of thousands of fans.

Keisha, I hear you’re a singer, too, Mrs.

Walker said. Free sex cam with jewish girls.

Why don’t you join in? Me? Keisha asked modestly.

That would be so cool! Emily chimed in.

You can’t let your fans down, Tom teased her.

Okay, okay.

Only if you accompany me.

They spent the rest of the afternoon singing and entertaining his family.

They stayed well into the evening, having such a great time with his family that they didn’t realize how fast the day had gone by. Xxgorgeouscha webcams atult show.

Tom finally called it a night, wanting to slip away with Keisha.

He wanted to spend her last night in Texas alone with just her.

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They returned to his ranch home where Tom started a fire in the fireplace and they cuddled in front of it.

Before settling down, Tom asked for Keisha’s cell phone. Deutsch sex video chat.

Why? What are you going to do with it? If you want to take a dick pic, please, let me! Keisha teased.

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