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Bob, if you would like to enjoy my wife a bit before you leave, now if your opportunity.

Jim said to Bob.

Bob stripped off his clothes quickly.

Jim held me, gently caressing my breast, as I continued to cry in his arms.

I was having a emotional released that I did not fully understand. Sweetevrika bbw sex chat no membership required.

As I lay in Jim’s arms, I glanced down at Bob.

He was naked and erect.

He had a nice physique and a firm waist.

He penis was a nice size, and very firm.

I would guess he was 6 ? inches long and a reasonable girth.

He was an attractive man.

Bob crawled between my legs from the other end of the couch, gently separated my legs and began to rub the head of his erect penis across my wet slit.

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Having just cum, my vagina was open and wet, and presently little resistance to Bob entering me.

I did not speak, just cried quietly in my husband’s arms as Bob slowly entered me and fucked me, as Jim held and caressed me.

It felt good, but was not overly passionate. Online mobile random sex chat with random girl.

In fact, it felt like both men were sensing my need at that moment to me held, loved and caressed, and the coordinated their movements to jointlymake love to me’.

It is a very peculiar feeling being fucked my someone while your husband holds you, kisses you and caresses you. Bella canvas unisex jersey short sleeve tee.

After about 4 or 5 minutes, Bob’s movements became most forceful and I could feel his erection grow slightly more stiff as his movements slapped up into me deeper and further.

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His impending orgasm did arouse me physically, and while I did not climax again myself, I did find myself responding to his heightened arousal by meeting his thrusts with my own moans of pleasure and rocking my hips against him to push him as deep as I could. Sex samantha jones.

I could also feel Jim's penis growing hard and throbbing against my side as he kissed me while Bob fucked me.

I enjoyed Jim’s reaction to Bob’s increased rhythm.

The excitement of both men aroused me.

I looked up at Jim and said, He’s going to cum in me baby. Milena lisitsina porno.

Your friend is going to give me his seed.

And I kissed Jim as Bob pumped into me, stiffened his loins and shot his strings of white sticky semen into my waiting vagina.

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I was no longer crying.

I felt fulfilled in the arms of my man, and enjoyed the knowledge that our ‘family friend’ had now given me a part of himself that we would not openly discuss at the next pool party or the next BBQ attended by his fiance. Seduce webcam adult game.

There are a great many things about my sexuality I do not understand, among them is the satisfaction I get from taking a man's semen deep into my womb.

I like knowing he is pumping it into me.

I also enjoy the constant reminder over the next several hours as his semen leaks out of me. Porn webcam teddy.

The sticky wet cum in my panties keeps me aroused for hours.

I wonder if other women have similar reactions.

Bob, lay on top of me for a moment, his penis continuing to pulse inside me, pumping the last drops of his sperm into me as Jim and I necked and caressed each other.

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And after a few minutes, Bob, sensing that this was an intimate moment between Jim and me, withdrew from my leaking vagina, and quietly began to get dressed.

At that moment, I wanted,….

no I needed, Jim inside of me.

I needed to make love to my husband.

While Bob quietly dressed behind me. Sex free online.

I sat up, and kneeling in front of Jim, I began to undress him.

I removed his shirt, and unbuckled his pants.

Jim cooperated by lifting his hips and allowing me to pull his trousers off him.

I then removed his socks.

I looked at his strong, naked physique; and while still kneeling, took his cock in my mouth, kissing and sucking him until he was fully erect; which did not take long.

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With his beautiful penis throbbing straight up toward the ceiling, I climbed on him, straddling Jim and slid him deep inside my wet, slippery pussy.

Jim took hold of my breasts and we began fucking each other.

Bob stood behind us, and simply said, Don’t worry about me, I’ll show myself out. Sexyjhonas04 log in live com.

You kids go ahead and enjoy yourselves.

Good night, Bob.

I replied without looking at him.

Guys thanks for a wonderful evening, we will have to do this again sometime.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Bob continued as he walked towards the front door.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Malikusy777 sex hidden camera chatting with a stranger.

We’ll see.

This may be a one time event.

We’ll see Bob.

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Give Nancy our regards.

I said, while continuing to ride up and down on Jim’s wonderful penis.

I may not mention that I ran into you two to Nancy.

Bob said as he opened the front door.

Good night, Bob.

I said as he walked out. Skachat porno video anissa kate xnxx com.

I then focused my full attention on Jim.

My emotional released earlier had left me in an unusually needy and vulnerable mood.

I wanted to cum with my husband, and even more, I wanted him to cum inside me.

I could feel his cock rubbing against the front wall of my vagina, and I knew if Jim could hold back for a couple of minutes, in this position, I could cum. Barcelona sex contacts.

I rode him harder and faster as I got closer.

At some point, I knew I was going to make it; I knew I was going to cum on Jim’s cock.

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Oh baby, your going to make me cum.

Baby, can you cum with me? Jim, it’s coming, goddamn it, I am going to cum again.

Baby, pump me full. Teens live sex cam.

I moaned as I leaned forward and kissed my husband with all the love and passion I had.

Sex friends at manchester.