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How does this work exactly?” he husked, walking back over to the bed.

Let me take care of it all,” she answered, holding out her palm.

He dropped the Ziploc bag into her hand. Live sex camd.

She dipped cum soaked fingers into the fine white powder, give Preston’s slick cock a light dusting.

Then she flipped back over onto all fours.

Now fuck me,” she ordered.

He took his place behind her again, rubbing his powdered cock along the folds of her pussy before grasping her hips again, and thrusting himself inside.

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It didn’t take long.

The bitch that owned that Honky Tonk had introduced her to the power of powdered X when it came to sex.

It absorbed quickly into the wet folds of her hot pussy, worming its way into her blood stream, magnifying the pleasure. Top 10 sex website list.

Five minutes and a couple dozen thrusts into it, she knew Preston felt it to.

The temperature in the room rose.

Sweat and heat poured off their bodies in waves.

Nothing but hard, wet slaps filled the room, music to their ears.

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She needed one last thing though.

She whispered it to him in the dark.

Then begged.

He pulled out of her messy snatch again, fiddled with the plastic bag, applying another light dusting of X to his superheated, drug-fueled cock. U s a bbw sex.

Then he was behind her again, kneeling, lapping away at first her pussy, and then her tight ring of muscle, spearing his hot tongue inside her ass.

She squealed, body jerking forward then back.

Fuck my dirty little ass already,” she cried, wriggling against his tongue. Sexy milf 2018.

Make me your whore, your dirty little Indian whore.

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