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Saturday afternoon arrived and I drove over to her place.

The temperature dropped a little bit and I wasn't sure if we'd hit the pool.

Melissa walked me to the backyard, and her ass and legs looked tremendous. Young girl naked fucked video slut.

I kept my composure but in my head I couldn't shake the fact that I wanted to fuck her brains out.

We dipped into the pool and it was FREEZING.

She immediately jumped into my arms and we rubbed up close. Majibiiii_aka free usa mobile cam sex video chatting without login.

My boner was on high alert, and she gave me a look that said she noticed what was under my trunks.

"Let's head to the garage.

I have some extra towels there.

" In her garage there were a bunch of clean towels, some backyard supplies and an old Mustang convertible. Bathtub couple fuck.

I wasn't much of a car guy so I wasn't sure what year the car was made.

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All I knew is it was an older car and it looked to be in pristine condition.

Melissa was shivering even inside the garage so I went over to rub my hands down her arms covered with a towel. Sexsi free com foto.

Then I moved closer, and she leaned in for the kiss.

We started making out right then and there, and all of a sudden both our towels were on the ground.

I pulled her swim top right off and she dug her hands inside my shorts to pull on my rock hard cock.

"You're happy to see me.

" "You have no idea.

" Our kissing got intense. Lonely man needing nsa sex.

Tongues dancing in one another's mouth, hands touching everywhere and my picking her up and placing her on the hood of the Mustang wasn't something I planned. Marcus699 live two way webcam chat.

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I just did it instinctively.

And she wasn't resisting.

I pulled her swim bottoms off and placed two fingers inside her vagina.

She was certainly wet and enjoying every second of it.

She was loud instantly.

I had another screamer on my hands.

As she was getting close to climax she began stroking my cock again, only this time she was going as hard as she could. All sexsi.

It felt like she was trying to rip my dick off my body.

So I upped the intensity with my hands by pinching her nipple with one while the other was buried in her snatch. Local sex contacts coldiron.

My mouth went directly to her other nipple to lick and suck for a while.

"Oh yes that feels so good.

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