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She had so many mixed emotions about this whole thing, but Maddy had begged and presented good reasons why she should let this happen.

Maddy did not play the Dad card, but she knew it was a possibility.

She hoped that had not influenced her.

Mom, Mom, Kim heard. Free webcam sex sudbury ontario.

Thank you, thank you! I love you so much.

I know you were worried, probably still are.

If it helps, I think if you had denied me this after what I saw, we could never have the same relationship that we did.

Now we still do, in fact, it is probably better. Brenda rocket webcam porn.

We share a woman’s secret.

One to be kept forever.

One that makes me feel trusted and special.

They hugged and both shed a few tears.

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Ya know, Maddy said, I am so friggin sore I don’t think I can move.

They both started laughing and laughing, tears streaming down their faces.

"So let me get this straight," my wife says, gasping for breath.

"You want me to lick your cum out of my mom's pussy?" I smiled and slid my cock out of my mother-in-law's pussy, leaving a sticky trail of sperm dripping out of her well-fucked hole. Wife slut sex story pic archives.

My mother-in-law Lori squirmed but didn't resist.

I moved out of the way, and my wife gathered her hair in her hands and tied it up behind her head.

Slowly, slowly, she leaned down towards her mother's pussy, and her tongue found my cream.

She licked slowly up her mom's pussy, gathering my juice into her mouth before swallowing.

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My wife closed her eyes, enjoying the taste of her husband's seed mixed with her own mother's nectar.

She smiled at me, and turned to her mom.

"Sorry if this is weird," she trailed off.

Quickly she wrapped her arms around her mother's thighs and dove in to her soaking pussy. Usa adultsex video.

Searching for every droplet of cum, she ate her mother out like I'd seen her eat out her other girlfriends.

Even though I had just cum, my cock instantly hardened; the adrenaline and excitement was enough to get me ready for round two.

"Baby!" my wife said, noticing my aching hard-on.

"Do you want to play some more?" I nodded sheepishly, and kissed my wife deep, tasting her mother and my cum all in one delicious french kiss.

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I laid my wife down on the bed and slid into her, using her own mother's juices to lube up my entry.

My mother-in-law rose to her knees, and without any prodding, sucked her daughter's nipples as I fucked her.

"Oh God, Mom.

" My wife moaned.

"That feels so fucking good.

" I slid my dick into my wife, feeling her familiar pussy devouring my shaft.

"Want to see a cool trick your daughter can do?" I asked Lori, and she smiled and nodded vigorously. Redcherry strangers who recorded women in sex chat.

I shoved my dick hard into my wife, and began rubbing her clit with my thumb.


you'll make me squirt," my wife squeaked, in between gasping for breaths trying to take my cock.

When I felt her body begin to tremble, I grabbed her mother's hair and guided her towards her daughter's pussy.

"Lick her clit," I ordered.

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My thick shaft slid in and out of my wife, and her mother's tongue rubbed against her swollen clit.

It was seconds before my wife erupted, gushing sweet juices all down my shaft, splashing my body and her mother's open mouth.

I slid my cock out slowly and guided it into Lori's mouth. Hot webcam girls.

I let her savor it, gliding my rod into her mouth, making sure she was tasting all of her daughter.

Lori's eyes closed, and she moaned as she took everything I gave her.

"Cum in me," my wife demanded, "and let my mom lick it out.

" I obeyed.

Moments after shoving my dick back into my wife, the excitement overwhelmed me, and I emptied my balls into her glistening slit. 100 free sex date sites with no credit cards.

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Whatever hadn't been drained by her mom I gave to my wife, filling her to capacity with sticky sperm.

I slowed down to catch my breath, and readied myself to pull out.

No sooner had I slid my cock out of my wife than her mom dove in.

I watched as my mother-in-law gorged herself on her daughter's pussy, drinking up all the cum I had reserved for her girl. Free online adult sex chat rooms ipad.

Little did my wife know how familiar my mother-in-law was with the taste of my cum and how well she knew how to extract every drop.

Lori finished her meal of cum mixed with her daughter's honey and wiped her lips off with her delicately manicured fingers. Free to play online sex games.

We all looked at each other and laughed, falling down on the bed in a hot, sweaty, sticky, incestuous pile.

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My wife and her mother fell asleep, and I left to cool off in the pool.

After a while of relaxing in the pool, I felt my stamina returning slowly. Sex store katy tx.

I went inside to dry off, my mind still fresh with the incestuous images I had seen.

Now dry, I searched for my shorts, only to realize that the girls had ripped them off me in the bedroom after realizing I had been fucking them both for months.

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