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He scratches my ass a little in his hurry to pull my panties down to my knees.

I can barely get my legs far enough apart to get my fingers back into my pussy.

There's no swipe with his finger into my pussy to check my wetness or moisten my outer labia.

He just sticks his cock against my hole, wiggles it a little bit and pushes it into me. Callmebadgirl webcam girls.

There is a lot of friction at first with a little pain as my labia tuck in with his cock, but when he gets it all the way in and wetted with my juices, it slides much more easily.

I rub my clit as he starts to stroke into me.

He's not going fast, but he's ramming me hard and shifting his hips from side to side with each stroke, as he pulls and pushes my hips, clearly maximizing his pleasure and not worrying about mine.

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The sounds coming from him are fierce, like a straining beast trying to move a heavy load.

He's using me, making me his fuck-puppet.

It's rougher than he's ever been with me, but it makes me feel incredibly irresistible.

He rams into me hard one final time and then shudders with his cock buried deep into me, making short bumping strokes as his muscles contract and his cum sprays into my cunt. Sexy caprice.

I feel the warmth and the change in slickness from his cum and then my orgasm overtakes me.

My pussy squeezes in time with my strokes around my clit.

When it's clear that we both are finished, I think the action is over, but then he rolls me onto my back and dives between my legs to lick me to another orgasm, not the least bit concerned that my pussy is full of his cum.

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Finally he collapses on the bed beside me.

"Did I hurt you?" "Just a little, Dan.

Don't worry about it.

That was some hot fuckin' sex.

You were a beast.

It was good to feel so desirable.

Thank you.

" I suddenly realize that I may never have actually thanked him for a good fuck in all of years together.

"No hard feelings, then?" "Did you do that for you or was it just for me?" "Are you kidding me? Fuck tit cam. I had to have pussy.

You drove me fuckin' wild.

I waited as long as I could.

It's hard to pass up a good blowjob, but that was worth it.

" "Good! No hard feelings, then.

We can do that again sometime.

" He had told his story in present tense, like it was a fantasy, but it is so close to Celine's version of the story that when I ask whether the anonymous girl shouldn't feel guilty about what she did, his reply seems very sincere.

"Of course not.

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She was being manipulated by Sister Twisted, just like I was.

And we both had damn good sex and nobody got hurt.

And until I met you, she had the best pussy I'd tasted.

" "And you're sure you don't know who this other girl was?" "I think it might be a girl that Sister Twisted supposedly seduced. Lyravega porno vidio 4at.

She was the right height and had the same sized boobs, at least they felt about the right size.

" The next day, I tell Celine the good news.

She's happy and a few days later I see that she has friended Dan on Facebook.

I hope it only looks like a coincidence that she has contacted him so soon after he told me the story. Random webcam chat room sites.

All that's left now is to find Maritha and see if I can get her side of the story.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Finding the nun who had sex with my husband while he was seventeen, and with his adopted cousin Celine, wasn't difficult.

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Claire is very good at cyber-tracking. Tanika69 private video sex.

The only clues I gave her were the University of Notre Dame, the high school name in Minnesota, and the time frame.

Claire came back with a surname, a group photo that included Maritha as an 'Intern Teacher' from the high school, transcripts from Notre Dame, and a copy of her diploma. Sexi asian gril avila beach.

It got a little trickier after that.

Apparently digging into Catholic personnel records via the Internet is too difficult, but I worked the phones and traced Maritha to a Catholic grade school near Buffalo, New York.

I even get a class picture that was taken a few years earlier. Real hidden cam sex.

I don't mind confessing that I stalked her, watching her in her classroom from a parked rental car.

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She is only about three years older than me, but she seems more like sixty than early forties.

Finally, my curiosity overwhelms me.

She is sitting on a bench watching her class of young children during recess from their lessons when I decide to approach her. Carinocoppia free trial sex chat usa.

I think she briefly mistakes me for Lini.

At first she seems very glad to see me then after deciding that I'm not who she thought, she seems embarrassed.

I confirm her identity as Maritha St.

Georges and she tells me that she prefers Sister Beatrice.

She looks at me with a hint of fear when she learns that I am Daniel Geroux' wife. Trust webcam 17003.

Her looks changes to alarm when I tell her that I want to ask about a story I've heard from him and his cousin Celine.

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